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Holosoft Support for the MessagePad 2000, Two New Products, Spreadsheet & Desktop Connection Utility


Holosoft, Inc. announced that the spreadsheet application Equate and its desktop connection counterpart, Equate Connect, will be available for the Apple MessagePad 2000 when it ships. Equate is a spreadsheet application that gives Excel users a compatible environment on the Newton platform. Equate Connect is the utility that allows Excel files to be downloaded directly to the MessagePad 2000 and run by Equate.

"The power of the MessagePad 2000 coupled with Equate, makes taking spreadsheets wherever you go more practical than ever," said Rick Giles, president and CEO of Holosoft Inc. "The increased screen size, improved processor speed, and gray-scale features have given Equate the power necessary to support all of those Excel-like features that customers require."

Equate is a powerful stand-alone spreadsheet application and when used with Equate Connect, can be used as an extension of the office computer. Equate Connect allows users to download any quantity and any size Excel spreadsheet and view or edit it within Equate. Upon returning to the office, the spreadsheets can be sent back to the desktop to be opened within Excel. Text, numbers, formulas, number formats, column widths, and text styles are preserved.


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