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Housekeeper Version 1.o1, Serve your virtual Domains on a Macintosh. Access it here.


With Housekeeper you can serve up to 99 domains using Housekeeper as your default home page server.

No demo-version, no expration date, no serial number: it's FREE

You are taken through 3 easy to follow steps to configure Housekeeper right on the web:

1. Enter how many domains you wish to serve...
2. ...the names of your domains and the corresponding folder which will act as the new root folder of that domain.
3. Download the configured Housekeeper script, your new default.html page and the root folders and place all files in the folder containing the server program

All you have to do beforehand is to register your domains and tell your internet provider or MacDNS to point all domain names to the one IP-number assigned to the mac on which your server is running. Housekeeper requires AppleScript to be installed.

You can access it.

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