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Hewlett-Packard Extends its Repair Capacity


The Hewlett-Packard repair center (Bad Homburg) will greatly expand its repair capacity through a partnership with Logistics Management International GmbH. Logistics Management International is the leading value-added logistics services provider based in Gross-Gerau, near Frankfurt/AM Main, Germany. This central location allows for faster deliveries throughout Europe.

The expansion became necessary as responsibility for repairs switched from the manufacturing facility in Grenoble, France to the central European organization. Loosely coupled with other European centers, this one is the most important due to its hub location, the size of the market and the number of units processed. This re-organization reflects the rapid growth in the consumer market and is needed to keep repair quality high.

The repair center handles Personal Computers and PC-peripheral equipment, including Laser and DeskJet printers. The HP repair center and LMI will combine their operations into one building, ensuring superior service quality and reducing logistics costs. LMI GmbH will initially repair Hewlett-Packard's high volume DeskJet printers.

LMI GmbH is the European subsidiary of the Memphis, Tenn. based Logistics Management Inc. (LMI). LMI is the first and only company to provide a centralized "hub" style facility for comprehensive inventory management, high tech repair and repaid distribution services to the micro-computer industry. The company specializes in handling return logistics, the tasks that many manufacturers consider the "headache" areas of their business. In addition to Hewlett-Packard, LMI provides the solution to Apple, Canon, NEC, American Express and others.

The solution is the proprietary information system, TOTAL(R). This information technology makes LMI's service offerings unique. Since 1989, LMI has filled a niche that incorporates filling orders, tracking inventory, reconciling payments from shipments, and repairing and maintaining computers and other electronic equipment -- all under one roof. "When manufacturers perform these tasks in-house, the turnaround time for getting the product from user through the refurbishment cycle is often 100 days or more. We can turn inventory overnight if our partners desire," says M.J. Harshberger, Founder and President.

The company's ability to sharply reduce cycle time while handling 3,000+ pieces of equipment per day is largely attributed to its location in a major distribution city. LMI is able to take advantage of Memphis' central location and the overnight carriers who offer pick-up times of midnight (rather than 5pm). LMI's quality and consistency are guaranteed through their ISO 9002 certification.

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