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Now Serve HyperCard Stacks Over the WWW


For the first time, HyperCard stacks can be served over the Web ... to any browser on any platform.

Live-Card requires no plug-ins required! Stacks run over the Web on Macintosh, PC, UNIX platforms - and future platforms as well Little or no modication of your stacks required.

You can easily create *forms *shopping baskets *registries *security realms *remote Web administration

Your imagination is your limit!

Creates either graphics-images and/or text-based HTML pages at your [or the browser's] option.

Great for Website designers, Web masters, HyperCard programmers, and CompileIt! pros!

For the next 30 days, the product will cost $99.95. After the initial 30-day period, the price will be $149.95.


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