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iCat Commerce Partners Program Signs Largest IsPs in U.S. & Canada


iCat Corporation announced that it has entered into strategic partnership agreements with Best Internet Communications the largest host of Web sites in the United States, and iSTAR Internet, Canada's largest Internet company.

The partnerships between iCat and the two market leaders solidifies their commitment to quickly grow the e-commerce market, giving businesses a seamless, flexible and affordable solution for setting up shop on the Web -- from catalog development to secure order processing to hosting services.

These firms join the iCat Internet Service Provider (i2SP) program, the fastest growing Internet hosting partner program, to support and resell the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite. Together, iCat's electronic commerce solution and hosting services provide an unmatched infrastructure and tools for businesses to design, build and publish secure, interactive Web catalogs.

"It's partnerships with market leaders like Best Internet and iSTAR Internet that will really grow e-commerce in mainstream businesses," said Craig Danuloff, iCat's president and chief executive officer. "High profile e-commerce systems from Microsoft, Netscape, and others are too expensive and require too much expertise from merchants. This segment will not grow if only 5% of the business world can afford to participate. Our partnerships with Best Internet and iSTAR leverage our leadership position by giving small and large businesses alike a complete e-commerce solution."

"We're hosting over 500 Web sites today," said Ranier Paduch, iSTAR president and chief executive officer. "However, only a small percentage of them are commerce-enabled. There is a tremendous need for a sophisticated front-end Web development tool that can be integrated seamlessly into our hosting services for companies that want to raise their standard Web site into a sales and marketing vehicle. The iCat Electronic Commerce Suite gives us -- and our customers -- everything we need ... it's easy to use, no one will ever outgrow its functionality, and it's affordable."

Best Internet chose iCat Electronic Commerce Suite as the preferred Web catalog solution for its business customers. "iCat stands alone in the industry in providing a state-of-the-art solution for Web catalog creation," said Alan D. Mutter, Best Internet's chairman and chief executive officer. "While a great deal of industry discussion has focused on discrete e-commerce tools, merchants are demanding a complete solution. They want e-commerce solutions to be easy, integrated, and cost-effective. By combining iCat's powerful and flexible technology with Best's Internet Web hosting services, merchants have an end-to-end e-commerce development and deployment solution."

"Our software provides a great mix of power, flexibility, and value," continued Danuloff. "As the nation's largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Best Internet and iSTAR are very well positioned to accommodate this growing community of merchants who recognize the advantages of setting up shop online. In addition, they can earn incremental revenue by helping merchants take part in the electronic commerce explosion."

iCat works with companies who host Internet catalogs through its i2SP partner program. These firms bundle hosting services along with the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite to provide everything a merchant needs to create and deliver Web catalogs and handle payment transactions.


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