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iCat Electronic Commerce Suite awarded Editors' Choice by Macworld Magazine & Four Stars by Macworld


iCat Corp.'s premier software package, the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite), has received Macworld's "Editors' Choice" award.

The iCat software, which was awarded a "four star" rating, allows companies to quickly, easily and affordably create interactive catalogs, deliver them on the Internet and CD-ROM, and accept electronic transactions from shoppers.

Mel Beckman, the author of the Macworld product review which appeared in the October 1996 issue, wrote "All in all, iCat is an impressive example of what you can do with a dynamic Web site." The review can be found at october.96/Feature.2695.html.

"The iCat software continues to receive high marks from business professionals and consumers for making high-powered commerce-enabled Web sites affordable for any business," said Craig Danuloff, iCat president and chief executive officer. "It's especially rewarding to be so highly recognized by one of the leading magazines in the computer industry."

Earlier in 1996, the iCat Electronic Commerce Suite was named the "Software of Choice" by The Catalog Site, home to more than 150 retail catalogs on the Web. The Catalog Site can be found at

iCat Electronic Commerce Suite

The iCat Electronic Commerce Suite includes the iCat Commerce Publisher(TM) (which permits users to collect, organize and lay out product information and publish ready-to-use Internet or CD-ROM catalogs) and the iCat Commerce Exchange (which adds secure transaction-processing capabilities to any Internet server, including the ability to accept, process and track electronic orders and shipper registrations).

The iCat Commerce Exchange supports Sun Solaris, Sun-OS, SGI Irix, Digital Alpha NT, Windows NT, and Macintosh. The company also announced that three additional UNIX platforms, Linux, BSDI, and Apple AIX would be released soon.

By creating an interactive catalog with iCat's software, companies can quickly increase visibility and revenues, establish a 24-hour market presence, expand their product offerings, increase customer convenience, test promotions, and extend advertising efforts.


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