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The marketeers behind the revenue-busting blockbuster movie, "Independence Day" (ID4) used a new weapon in the war for the summer movie-goer dollar screen savers that can be downloaded from their World Wide Web site. "Building interest before a movie is released is the key to drawing a blockbuster audience. For Independence Day, we created a new marketing tooldownloadable screen savers on the Web," said Yushun Yuen of Epoch Communications Design. "Our goal was to break all previous revenue records, which we did, thanks in part of this unique, new marketing promotional tool." Demand was created by releasing footage to audiences more than five weeks before the movie was released on July 3, 1996, via the screen saver. "The screen saver included an action-packed preview of the movie, which consisted of animated special effects shots, plus a fun count-down to the movie's release," said Yuen, who created the screen saver for 20th Century Fox.

The screen saver, available at the ID4 web site was created using CineMac for Director, a screen saver factory from MacSourcery, a Southern California-based software developer specializing in multimedia tools for both Macintosh and Windows computers .

The Independence Day screen saver has propelled the use of screen savers as a promotional device to the forefront. Jim Roberts, president of MacSourcery, said: "We've seen CineMac used to create screen savers for music CDs, corporate promotions and much more, but with ID4, the potential for screen savers as a marketing tool is exploding." Among other companies using CineMac to create promotional screen savers are Sony Records, who is using it to create screen savers for their music CDs. Guess Jeans is among the many users who place downloadable screen savers created using CineMac Mac on their Web sites to heighten awareness of their products and services. Samples are available at the MacSourcery Web Site (.

About CineMac Screen Saver Factories

The CineMac Screen Saver Factories enable Macintosh and Windows users to create virtually any type of screen saver by dropping in multimedia content, including still images, animations, video clips, interactive sound and music. Distribution licenses for up to 10,000 screen savers start at just $299, and unlimited distribution licenses are $999. At less than three cents per screen saver, CineMac creations cost just four percent of the 26-cent cost of a floppy disk, making CineMac screen savers an affordable and fun way to reach potential customers. CineMac Screen Saver Factories are easy-to-use and can capture virtually any image from Macromedia Director Projector. In one simple step, a screen saver is created for distribution to the selected audiences. To create a CineMac screen saver, simply open the Macromedia Director projector and enter a name for the screen saver. In a few seconds, the projector is encapsulated into a fully functional screen saver compatible with either the Macintosh or a Windows computer. In addition to creating brand new screen savers, CineMac Screen Saver Factories can also give new life to previously created work by turning existing Macromedia Director Projectors into new screen savers.


Anticipated street pricing for the CineMac Screen Saver Factory is $299 per platform for a license to distribute up to 10,000 screen savers; and $999 per platform for a license to distribute an unlimited number of screen savers. Two-platform bundles are also available for $500 and $1500, respectively. Available directly from MacSourcery, call 800/622-7724 to order or visit the MacSourcery web site at for a free demonstration version of the software.

Download the Mac screensaver .


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