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New iHound 1.2, Indexer and Search Engine for Mac Servers


ICATT is now presenting iHound-plugin for WebSTAR. Thanks to WebSTAR's great plugin technology we've been able to make iHound even faster and easy to use than before. Download the beta now and give iHound a run on your server.

Ihound is of course still available as ACGI for WebSTAR or MacHTTP or any other Macintosh servers that offer ACGI-compatibility.

Get a look at iHound at

Again we would like to that all of you that have contributed towards the development of iHound.

New in version 1.2:

- The release of the WebSTAR plugin version.

- Remote indexing through AppleTalk improved. Use just one indexer to index all your servers.

- Searching for extended characters, file name with spaces etc improved.

- Drag 'n Drop settings to the indexer added.

- Automatic settings-config improved. Just click 'Go!' to index and the indexer will ask for all information needed.

- Frame friendly iHound plugin included (jump out of Framed iHound result pages)

- Improved algorithms and bugfixes


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