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Insignia Solutions Debuts NTRIGUE Mac and UNIX Net Clients


Insignia Solutions will debut its NTRIGUE Net Clients next week at NetWorld+Interop '96 (Booth #3120), allowing Mac and UNIX desktops to access Windows applications over the corporate intranet and remotely over the Internet. The show will also mark the first appearance of Insignia's SoftWindows(TM) 95 for SGIIRIX, which allows users running SGI's IRIX(TM) 6.2 operating system to run Windows 95 applications on their UNIX workstations.

"NTRIGUE delivers the ability to run Windows 95, Windows 3.x and Windows NT applications over the Internet and the intranet," said Dr. Robert P. Lee, Insignia Solutions' president and CEO. "Now, the NTRIGUE Mac and UNIX Clients, along with the Windows Client, fulfill the promise of the Internet as a medium open to all platforms. NetWorld+Interop is an ideal venue for debuting the new Net Clients."

NTRIGUE Net Clients for Mac and UNIX

The new NTRIGUE Net Clients, which are based on the ICA protocol from Citrix Systems, Inc., make it easy for users to access the applications they need when working remotely. With the NTRIGUE Net Clients, users can even use their Web browsers to run Windows applications with a single click. The NTRIGUE Net Clients provide optimal performance over low-bandwidth dial-up, WAN and ISDN communication lines to make it easy and productive for users to run Windows applications remotely over the Internet. The Net Clients are also well-suited for use within corporate intranets where LAN traffic is highly congested as they utilize minimal network resources.

SoftWindows 95 for SGI IRIX SoftWindows 95 for SGI IRIX is the newest version of the company's successful product, and includes a complete, pre-installed copy of Microsoft(R) Windows 95. Insignia's one-click installation enables customers to install SoftWindows 95 in minutes. In addition, SoftWindows 95 features TurboStart, breakthrough technology that allows users to start Windows 95 in a matter of seconds, compared to the several minutes it takes on a hardware PC. Multimedia support includes full Windows video and sound on Silicon Graphics workstations.

U.S. pricing for both NTRIGUE Net Clients begins at $69. The NTRIGUE Net Clients can be "test-driven" on Insignia's Web page ( Both the NTRIGUE Net Client for Macintosh and the NTRIGUE Net Client for UNIX will be available next week directly through Insignia Solutions and its channel partners. The SoftWindows 95 for SGI IRIX upgrade is available for immediate delivery at an expected U.S. street price of $299 for the license and documentation and $249 for add-on licenses.


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