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InterCon Systems Introduces Cross-Platform ISP Subscriber Software Package


InterCon Systems Corporation announced Internet Valet 2.0, a complete cross-platform Internet connectivity solution designed specifically for second-tier Internet Service Providers' (ISPs) and their subscribers. Internet Valet 2.0 provides a single, uniform software solution for all ISP customers regardless of which client operating systems they use - Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Macintosh.

Internet Valet 2.0 is a complete package of deliverables engineered to reduce the time, hassle and overall cost ISPs incur in hand-holding new subscribers through the installation and connection process. InterCon's ISP client software package provides everything a customer needs to get connected to the ISP's Internet service in less than 10 minutes, including: software on disk or CD-Rom, an automated installation process; pre-configured dialer and TCP/IP settings; a self-paced QuickTour guide and Easy Reference book; world-class customer support; and the most current versions of such popular Internet software products as Netscape NavigatorTM, EudoraTM, WinVN, Gopher, Telnet, TCP/IP, SuperFTP, Fetch, and Newswatcher all in one package.

"More new users will sign up and stay with an ISP if their first experience with connecting to the Internet is an easy and enjoyable one," said Tony Kelly, Vice President of Marketing at InterCon Systems. "The key element in that first experience is the software. If the software is designed to achieve seamlessly automated installation and connection, then you eliminate user frustration and expensive customer support calls, and you build a solid reputation that attracts new subscribers to your service."

According to industry analysts, there are over 2,500 regional Internet service providers in the U.S. alone. InterCon will continue to offer these regional and even national ISPs a comprehensive and reliable Internet software suite that enhances their overall Internet service offering while reducing the cost of connecting new subscribers by eliminating software development and software duplication, and reducing calls to customer support.

"We are one of the fastest growing ISPs in our region," said Jeff Creighton, President of ACS World in Pennsylvania. "I really don't think we could have been so successful without InterCon and Internet Valet. It gives us everything we need to connect and keep new subscribers, without the cost and complexity of developing and testing complex dial-up scripting, packaging, or downloading software. Most importantly, we have a single solution for Windows and Macintosh subscribers, and we are able to connect more subscribers with less costly customer service."

Release Highlights

All Platforms - Internet Valet 2.0 automatically installs the software appropriate to the operating system - 32 bit applications for Windows 95 and NT, 16 bit applications and a TCI/IP stack and dialer for Windows 3.X, and MacOS applications for all versions of the Macintosh platform.

Pre-Configured -- Internet Valet 2.0 is engineered to eliminate the hassle of installation, configuration, and connection to the ISP service. The software is pre-configured with specific dialer and TCP/IP settings for Internet Service. Internet "newbies" are shielded from the complexity of dialers and PPP protocol stacks. In fact, all the new subscriber needs to enter to install the software and connect to the Internet is their name and their ISP account password.

Modem Auto Detection -- Internet Valet 2.0 implements modem auto detection and loads appropriate drivers whenever necessary.

Location Selection Capability - Given the increasing number of points-of-presence (POPs) available to ISP subscribers, the task of scrolling through a list which may contain several hundred numbers is daunting. Internet Valet 2.0 allows users to first select a location (by area code). They are then presented with a short list of available POPs in that geographic region to choose from.

Introduction to the Internet - The product package includes two valuable books that introduce new subscribers to the Internet - gently! The Easy Reference shows them how to get the most from each Internet application - Netscape, Eudora, News etc. The Quick Tour guides the new user through a tour of each Internet service - from the Web, to email, newsgroups and more. This makes it easier for your subscribers to get familiar with the Internet - without calling the ISP's customer support number.

Pre Configured and Private Label Packages - Internet Valet 2.0 offers levels of pre configuration and private label packaging to help build additional brand name value and customer loyalty for regional ISPs. Pre-configuration of the software includes:

ISP Name Domain Name Primary DNS IP address Additional Domain name Secondary DNS Server SMTP Server POP Server NNTP Server WWW home page URL POP dial number/s ISP logo graphics

Internet Valet 2.0 is available immediately from InterCon direct sales. Internet Valet 2.0 is priced at $14.95 per copy. The level of pre-configuration and private label branding increases with the number of units purchased.

Smaller ISPs can purchase as few as 100 copies. They receive complete packages, with disks and documentation, including a custom ISP subscriber registration card. This is a complete package for less than it would cost a small ISP to license the software components alone.

ISPs that purchase 101 to 499 copies of Internet Valet 2.0 receive fully pre-configured software for a one-time set-up fee with disks and documentation. Configuration files containing ISP dial-up and TCP/IP settings are included in the delivered product.

ISPs that purchase 500 to 999 copies of Internet Valet 2.0 receive fully pre-configured software with private label logo graphics, on either diskettes or CD-Rom.

ISPs that purchase 1000+ copies of Internet Valet 2.0 receive fully pre-configured software, with private label logo graphics, and private label disks or CD-Roms.

What You Need To Run Internet Valet 2.0 Windows 3.1 or higher. 8 MB RAM. 9 MB of free disk space. Macintosh System 7., 16MB RAM, 9MB of free disk space.


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