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Interleaf Launches Worldview Electronic Viewer For Java


Interleaf, Inc. announced the WorldView Java Viewer option for Intellecte/BusinessWeb, which provides a secure intranet-enabled document management solution. WorldView Java Viewer is a high-fidelity electronic document viewer for accessing and navigating very large, complex electronic document collections through a Java-enabled Web browser interface.

Interleaf is one of a new select group of Internet Associates and the leading document management vendor selected by Sun to participate in the Java Enterprise Solutions launch of the Sun Java Station. With WorldView Java Viewer, Web users will have access to WorldView's highly automated electronic document distribution capabilities from their favorite Web browser without installation of any client software. Additionally, this same release makes WorldView Java Viewer immediately interoperable across all Java computing platforms, including Windows, Java Station, OS/2, UNIX, and MacIntosh. This interoperability greatly simplifies enterprise workgroup document collaboration and distribution in mixed platform and network environments.

For customers with large document collections, traditional PC client electronic viewing packages represent a low purchase cost per user but high administrative costs throughout the enterprise. WorldView Java Viewer offers companies with larger, more heterogeneous environments relief from significant and continuous resource investment. It enables customers to offer powerful viewing and navigation capabilities to end users without the drain of purchasing, distributing, installing, configuring, and managing electronic viewer software on every desktop in the enterprise.

"Electronic viewing is a wonderful application of Java's platform independence and low maintenance benefits. Organizations in which electronic documents are mission-critical really need solutions that operate consistently across all platforms and require little administration," said Linda Myers-Tierney, industry analyst and consultant at Myers-Tierney and Associates. "WorldView is the first electronic document distribution system to recognize and harness these capabilities and apply them to mission-critical business applications via the Web."

WorldView System automatically builds hyperlinked tables of contents and indexes terms and figures. WorldView preserves page fidelity and layout, and offers zoom for text and graphics, multi-column text flow, navigation through document collections, vector graphics, annotation, and full-text search across document collections. WorldView can very rapidly generate revisions to large hyperlinked electronic document collections through the incremental "press" feature, which processes only changed documents and requires no manual intervention to restore hyperlinks. The WorldView solution gives users all the flexibility of traditional personal authoring tools and Web browsers, with the added capabilities of large volume electronic publishing and broad access to information via a local area network, wide area network, or intranet. With these capabilities, WorldView can greatly facilitate distributed workgroup processing across an enterprise and thereby improve personal productivity.

"This is a very nice implementation," said Jeetu Patel, senior systems analyst for Doculabs, an independent research and consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. "Combining the powerful features of the WorldView Viewer in a Java applet through Intellecte/BusinessWeb will provide significant business benefit for Interleaf document management customers. Doculabs analysts were very impressed to see the Java applet display a WorldView file using Netscape's browser. Every new release of WorldView will immediately run on all Java-enabled platforms without any porting delays. The software can be immediately introduced into production with a single Web server update instead of upgrading the software on each client system."

Abbey National plc, one of the largest financial institutions in the United Kingdom with assets of more than a 150 billion dollars, recently implemented an enterprise-wide WorldView electronic document distribution system. "We are required to provide daily updates to our operational, policy and procedure manuals in 8 headquarters and over 1,000 field offices," said Peter Greenfield, manager, Business Communications at Abbey National. "I am gratified to know that with WorldView Java Viewer I will never face individual upgrading for 15,000 client viewers, will never have to take a single client out of service to upgrade my WorldView Viewer software, and will know for sure that the latest WorldView Viewer release runs on all client platforms. Furthermore, since the documents that are being viewed are secured by Interleaf's Intellecte/BusinessWeb server and are not retained on the client workstation, we believe that WorldView Java Viewer offers us the additional benefit of very powerful security."


WorldView is a highly automated electronic document distribution system designed to easily assemble, re-style, compress, and navigate very large document collections. Customers use WorldView for intensive online business applications such as new drug application submissions, nuclear plant maintenance manuals, shop floor assembly instructions, off-shore drilling platform procedures, and jet fighter maintenance instructions. WorldView System encompasses all the components of workgroup electronic document assembly, review, and distribution with the following capabilities:

-- Rich source document filtering system allows great flexibility in source document import styles and formats.

-- High fidelity output is generated for online, ISO compliant CD-ROM or hardcopy media options.

-- Document collections can include word processing text, tables, images, photos, graphics, charts, and multimedia sound and video objects.

-- Document management and organization is provided through WorldView's visual desktop and unique chapter and book organizational analogy, which allows creation of well-organized, meaningful document collections with consistent style.

Generation of navigation aids is highly automated. Hyperlinked tables of contents, autoreferences, and indexes are automatically generated for Interleaf, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, FrameMaker, CAD software, and other applications. Development tools allow creation of highly customized navigation flows and user interfaces.

Full-text search tools automatically generate a comprehensive index of terms for full-text search of words or phases in one or more distributed document collections. Workgroup annotation tools provide extensive redline and markup functions to expedite content review cycles.

Document collections can be searched, accessed, and downloaded in traditional private local or wide area networks or with popular Web browsers in intranets. WorldView solutions can be highly integrated with Interleaf 6 authoring, RDM document management, and Intellecte/BusinessWeb Internet access. WorldView can function equally well with third party authoring and document management systems. Hyperlinked document collections can be output to Interleaf WorldView or Adobe PostScript or PDF (with Distiller) formats.

WorldView Java Viewer enters Beta test in December 1996 for Windows, OS/2, MacIntosh, Java Station and Motif clients. Pricing has not been established.


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