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Macintosh Internet Developers' Association Formed


For support with your Macintosh Internet product development efforts, you can now turn to a new independent industry group. Called the Macintosh Internet Developers' Association, or MIDAS, it has the following goals:

* devising and refining standards and techniques for Mac OS-based Internet software * publishing Mac OS-related standards proposals and documents * coordinating activities with other standards groups such as IETF and W3C * sustaining and growing a robust market for Macintosh Internet software.

Among the first orders of business MIDAS expects to take up are discussions about Web server standards, including the CGI standard, WebSTAR API, and server-side Java. It will also be developing standards for tighter integration between different types of Internet tools, including content creation tools, scripting environments, and browsers. In addition, MIDAS will examine proposals for providing system-level integration of basic Internet client services such as HTTP, FTP, and Mail.

Among the founding members of MIDAS--representing some important members of the Mac OS development community--are Akimbo Systems, Aladdin Systems, Apple Computer, BareBones Software, ClearWay Technologies, Cornell University, InterCon Systems, Maxum Development, Microsoft Corporation, Netscape Communications Corporation, Purity Software, ResNova Software, Stairways Software, the StarNine division of Quarterdeck Corporation, and Userland Software. For information on how to join MIDAS, see the temporary MIDAS Web site.

You can also join a list server (Internet mailing list) to get regular updates from MIDAS; to do so, send e-mail with the string "subscribe" in the subject field.


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