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InterNex Hosts Apple Olympic Web Site


InterNex Information Services, Inc. announced that Apple Computer has selected InterNex's WebFarm Web Hosting service to provide hosting and mirroring for its Olympic World Wide Web site.

InterNex will provide a dual dedicated 10Mbps Internet feed to Apple's Web servers for a period of two months for visitors eager to view and participate in the culture and personality of the Olympic games.

Providing a Web site to support a high-profile event such as the 1996 Olympics requires a responsive Internet technology partner that can provide network reliability and redundancy. "Apple realized they needed to support potentially a very large Internet audience from around the world. The bandwidth and level of network performance required for their Web servers was paramount to the success of the site. By coming to InterNex, Apple gains confidence in the bandwidth capacity and server performance needed to make their Web content available to the end-user quickly and efficiently, " said Robert Berger, Chief Technology Officer at InterNex.

"InterNex provided us with the best high-bandwidth connectivity across the Internet for our live webcast from Atlanta during the 1996 Summer Games," said Hardie Tankersley, technology manager, Apple Internet Productions. "Because of their excellent connections for our servers, our customers see very fast response times; and we can therefore handle the tremendous traffic that live events generate. InterNex's network provides exactly what is needed for our bandwidth-intensive live webcasts."

Apple turned to InterNex because of their demonstrated superiority with a World-class network backbone, high-capacity, consistently reliable Internet access; and a WebFarm Co-location environment (located on an earthquake-quiet zone in California) that serves as a model, in terms of its security and environmental standards, for other providers.

In addition to their ability to provide comprehensive, highly reliable Web Co-location service, InterNex adds value through its relationships with streaming audio and video technology vendors, such as Progressive Networks (RealAudio) and VDOnet, by understanding and supporting the event capture process and expertise in managing high-traffic, short term Internet broadcasting events.

InterNex continues to gain the confidence of leading, high profile companies. In addition to Apple, InterNex has deployed Web hosting solutions for Oracle, Adobe, Progressive Networks, WebChat Communications , Black Sun, Claris, National Semiconductor, Pointcast, NetObjects, and the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA).


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