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InterVU MPEG Video Player Offers Hhigh-speed Decoding, Mac Version due Soon


InterVU Inc. has announced the release of a new, fully featured audio/video player for Windows95/NT. The version 1.0 MPEG A/V Player from InterVU is an advanced A/V plug-in for the Netscape Navigator and other compatible plug-in browsers with excellent audio and video quality, higher decoding speed and full A/V synchronization. The InterVU 1.0 MPEG A/V Player significantly enhances the ability of Web site developers to incorporate full-quality MPEG video into their Web presentation through a palate of unique features that include:

-- No proprietary software or servers - InterVU has developed its video player based on the MPEG open standard. This eliminates the cost of a dedicated server, proprietary encoders, and licensing and royalty fees that may be required by proprietary video solutions, thus freeing content developers to direct their resources toward development of more creative Web sites.

-- First frame preview display before download - enhances the richness of the Web page and allows users to sample the first frame of a video to determine its relevancy without having to download the entire file.

-- Streaming of MPEG files during download - allows the user to view the video during download. The user can then determine if the file should continue to be downloaded for later playback at full quality or terminated to continue browsing other files. The bandwidth of the connection to the Net will determine the quality of the video during streaming.

-- Convenient user controls for start, stop, pause, single-step playback, and rewind functions.

-- Full quality playback and file storage - unlike other players that do not support playback from cache or hard drive, the InterVU Player downloads the entire MPEG file regardless of the modem speed, allowing for playback at full MPEG quality.

-- Fully synchronized, full-motion playback of SIF and QSIF MPEG formats.

The enhanced MPEG A/V Player from InterVU enables a full range of video services which the company will launch within the next several months. "We are fully prepared to make high quality video a reality on the Internet," said InterVU's chief executive officer, Harry Gruber. "This new MPEG player is the platform that enables us to introduce several important new services which will dramatically reduce the time required to access and download high quality video data files. Our approaches permit Web site developers to bring the full power of video to their sites more economically, with improved delivery speeds and higher quality." The InterVU MPEG A/V Player for Windows is now available for download for free Internet usage via InterVU's Web site at A 1.0 version for the Macintosh will be available in the near future.


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