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EIZO Nanao Announces New 21-inch Class Shadow Mask Monitor


Eizo Nanao technologies announced today the Eizo FlexScan FX-E7, a new 21-inch class Shadow Mask monitor.

Business, desktop publishing and CAD/CAM users alike will find the FlexScan FX-E7 delivers clear, crisp graphics and sharp text for professional applications with an ultra high resolution of 1600 x 1200 at a refresh rate of 75 Hz. The monitor utilizes the latest shadow mask technology to deliver an improved high contrast image. The EIZO FlexScan FX-E7 will be priced at $1,999 ESP1 and is due to ship in the first quarter of 1997.

"EIZO always aims to bring the latest display technologies to our demanding customers," said Kyle Shimura, general manager of EIZO Nanao Technologies Inc. "The new high contrast CRT on the FlexScan FX-E7 pushes shadow mask technology even further to deliver the richest, most colorful image available."

FlexScan FX-E7

The EIZO FlexScan FX-E7 is an 21-inch class Invar Shadow Mask monitor with a recommended resolution of 1280 x 1024 at a flicker-free refresh rate of 88 Hz. The monitor, with a dot pitch of 0.28mm, offers top performance for a wide compatibility of video signals with a horizontal-scanning range of 30 kHz to 95 kHz, and a vertical range of 50 Hz to 160 Hz. The FlexScan FX-E7's Digital Convergence feature digitally eliminates convergence errors through 256 panels over the entire screen for precise images. White Uniformity Compensation enhances color consistency throughout the image by matching the color and brightness of areas on the periphery of the monitor's screen with the color and brightness in the center. The EIZO FlexScan FX-E7 also sports a new cabinet design that reflects EIZO's new global direction. The new design has a European flair with square lines and a unique angular dimension for the rear of the monitor.

With the FlexScan FX-E7, EIZO Nanao offers a 21-inch class monitor with ScreenManager, a digital on-screen display control system that allows the user to adjust sizing, distortion and color characteristics of the displayed image. These controls appear before the user thanks to a microprocessor-based system and the easy-to-use QuickSet touchpad button. The FX-E7 also has a serial port in the back of the monitor to allow connection to a PC or Mac to take advantage of ScreenManager Pro. ScreenManager Pro, available in both Windows and Macintosh versions, brings the same on-screen controls to your mouse. An advanced graphical user interface and test patterns allow discriminating users to adjust the image to their liking.

The monitor integrates a One Touch Auto Adjustment auto-sizing function that lets the microprocessor calculate and automatically adjust the screen size for the selected display mode. This adjustment is available with a touch of the button on the front panel. EIZO displays are now designed to include i-Sound, a detachable speaker unit that conveniently fits around the control panel console. Unlike many other speakers that are bulky or face downwards, EIZO specifically designed their new monitors to seamlessly integrate optional speakers into the cabinet. The speaker's "one-size-fits-all" capability allows it to fit onto any EIZO monitor. The unit is equipped with two speakers, powered directly from the monitor and a microphone. Several external jacks are provided for headphones, a headset, CD or tape players. i-Sound operates at 1 Watt per channel and is priced at $73 ESP.

For top quality image the FlexScan FX-E7 features Dynamic Focusing and Dynamic Beam Spot Control which enhance focus quality, and Dynamic Feedback Circuitry which stabilizes the screen image. The FX-E7 is Energy Star-compliant for efficient power management.

Other Features

Other changes to both hardware and software interfaces include power-user features like a wide range of color temperatures (4000K to 10,000K, adjustable in increments of 500K on ScreenManager, 100K on ScreenManager Pro) and input-priority control. For Windows 95 Plug and Play, DDC1 and DDC2b capabilities have been integrated in to the monitor itself, as opposed to the previously used cable adapter. The FX-E7 PowerManager function, EIZO unique Power Saving System, automatically reduces power consumption by 95% (less than 5W) when the display is not in operation. Again, in keeping with EIZO Nanao's ecological focus, the EIZO FlexScan FX-E7 uses environmentally sound materials and is designed to be easily dismantled and recycled.

TCO 95 and ISO 9241-3

The EIZO FlexScan FX-E7 follows recently announced EIZO models as being the first monitors marketed and distributed in the North American market to meet the strict new TCO 95 Swedish standards for ergonomic and ecological considerations. TCO 95 is a new standard that overrides the original TCO standard set by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees. The original TCO was introduced to impose stricter limits for eletrocomagnetic radiation emissions than what the Swedish government's MPR II's standard required. TCO 92 added Power-saving requirements based on the NUTEK standard. Now, TCO 95 takes it one step further to include requirements for environmentally-friendly materials and optimal visual ergonomics.


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