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Java-Enabled Version of Popular Higher Education Administrative Software


Buzzeo, a major provider of higher education software, today announced the availability of Java-enabled versions of their entire suite of products for managing student information systems, human resources, alumni development and administrative financials on campus.

The announcement was made at CAUSE `96, an annual gathering of campus CIOs and technology executives, being held at the San Francisco Hilton & Convention Center.

Buzzeo and Sun Microsystems, Inc. have co-authored a white paper on Java Computing in the Campus Administration environment, which can be obtained at the Buzzeo or Sun/Sybase booths in the Grand Ballroom of the San Francisco Hilton (no booth numbers), or on the World Wide Web .

"We are excited to be working with Buzzeo and other key software companies to help bring Java Computing to colleges and universities," said Barbara Gordon, vice president, academic and research computing, Sun Microsystems Computing Company.

"Institutions like Maricopa Community Colleges of Arizona and City Colleges of Chicago, each with annual enrollments of more than 200,000 students, are realizing the tremendous benefits that the Java platform offers for administrative computing.

"Using Java schools will be able to offer more information and improved services for students, teachers and administrators online, whether they are using a JavaStation, PC, Macintosh or other desktop system."

Maricopa Community Colleges, the second largest community college in the U.S. and largest provider of job training in Arizona, and City Colleges of Chicago, which has seven different campuses and more than 200,000 students, have both begun implementing the Java-enabled version of SISLogix, Buzzeo's client/server based Student Information System.

Both institutions expect to test the new system during the first part of 1997 and go live this summer.

SISLogix combines traditional student information functions with a set of Student Involvement Tools to help institutions measure and improve their effectiveness. Students can access SISLogix to check their grades, review course syllabi, receive assignments, schedule meetings and perform a host of other activities from the Internet and World Wide Web.

These offerings will be greatly enhanced running on the Java platform, as the system will be able to more easily access any type of database and provide information to users on any platform.

In addition to providing a Java-enabled version of SISLogix, Buzzeo has Java-enabled HRSLogix, ADSLogix and FEXLogix, their solutions for managing campus human resources, alumni development and administrative financials.

"Buzzeo's engineers saw Java's value early on and their enthusiasm continues to grow. Though we initially chose Java for its portability benefits, we soon found that it is a remarkably productive language," said Bruce Taylor, Buzzeo's Director of ZEOLogix Architecture.

"We are excited about Buzzeo's decision to use Java because it addresses critical needs of both our end users our IS staff," said Ron Bleed, Vice Chancellor, Maricopa Community Colleges.

"Java's multi-platform capability will allow us to serve the mix of Macintosh and PC users so typical of academic environments. Secondly, it will help us move towards a thin client solution and control the runaway costs of upgrading and maintaining desktop units.

"Finally, when combined with the adaptability of Buzzeo's ZEOLogix framework, the openness of Java dramatically increases the potential for shared functionality and gives us an extensible foundation on which to build for the future."


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