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Metrowerks Bundles Objectspace's Java Generic Library


ObjectSpace Inc. and Metrowerks Inc., announced an agreement to include the ObjectSpace Java Generic Library (JGL) with Metrowerks' CodeWarrior(R) Java Development Environment. The Java Generic Library is the most comprehensive set of reusable containers and algorithms currently available for Java.

"ObjectSpace has created a high quality container and algorithm library for Java that will facilitate the development process for Java developers, much like the standard template library has done for C++ programmers," said Greg Galanos, President and Chief Technology Officer of Metrowerks. "We are very pleased to include JGL with CodeWarrior which will strengthen our position as one of the leading tools providers for Java development."

The Java language has received a lot of publicity because of its use in Internet browser technology. The arrival of tools such as Metrowerks' CodeWarrior clearly indicates that Java stands a very good chance of becoming a major programming language for general purpose application development. For Java to succeed as such, developers must have access to a rich set of core data structures and algorithms. JGL provides 11 data structures and over 75 generic algorithms, which makes it the most comprehensive data structure Java library on the market today.

"There are three primary requirements for widespread adoption of a Java library: features, performance, and accessibility. Metrowerks recognizes this as well, and is making the features and performance of the Java Generic Library accessible to its users through this agreement," said Graham Glass, Director of Advanced Research for ObjectSpace.

The Metrowerks agreement solidifies ObjectSpace's position as a serious player in the Java market. ObjectSpace is concentrating advanced research efforts in distributed computing using Java as the underlying technology.

"Java has the power to enable a new paradigm shift in distributed computing, and ObjectSpace is working to define that shift. The Java Generic Library is our first step in establishing ObjectSpace as a world leader in Java," said Paul Jenkins, Senior Member of Advanced Research for ObjectSpace.


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