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First Java Security Add-On Software , Mac Version Available "Soon"


The first software program to provide enhanced security for Java-enabled Web browsers, SurFinBoard(TM) from Finjan Software LTD in Netanya, Israel, ships today.

SurFinBoard's added security allows users to automatically detect and combat Java applets that violate security requirements or the integrity of the Java Virtual Machine environment.

Examining all applets as they enter users' systems via Web browsers, SurFinBoard warns of suspicious activity or security breaches and logs all applet activity.

While protecting the browser's run-time libraries, SurFinBoard compiles a database of suspicious applets, and offers a user-defined "Security Risk Level" display to monitor the number of attempts to breach security by any given applet or site. SurFinBoard is similar to anti-virus tools. Just as anti-virus programs protect computers from infection from contagious files, SurFinBoard protects computers from suspicious Java applets.

Users can define specific security parameters as needed, such as setting SurFinBoard to delete suspicious applets automatically before they can affect the local computing environment.

"While powerful and flexible, Java applets pose a number of security problems," noted Finjan president Shlomo Touboul. "Ideally, they are downloaded as needed, but applets can also be maliciously transmitted to unsuspecting Web surfers. These hostile applets are increasing across the Web. What's more, millions of users who are upgrading to Netscape 2.X, which supports Java, are unknowingly becoming Java users."

"SurFinBoard does the job which it sets for itself very well," commented Steve Simkin, co-author of The Java Programming Explorer. "The beta release of SurFinBoard is an important first step on the road to Java security. It effectively prevents applets from gaining access to system resources; along the way it gives the user an attractive, easy-to-use tool for monitoring and controlling resident applets on the system."

SurFinBoard's suggested retail price is $49.00 U.S., with an introductory price of $29.00 for the next 60 days. SurFinBoard requires Windows 95, Windows NT or Sun Solaris (a Mac version will be out soon).


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