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Jaz Jet SCSI Card for High-speed Peripheral Connectivity


Advanced System Products, Inc., a manufacturer of SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) host adapters, today announced that the AdvanSys ABP960 SCSI host adapter board is being offered as an Iomega-branded accessory with the Iomega Jaz drive, a high-performance one-gigabyte removable disk drive.

Introduced in July 1996, the Jaz Jet SCSI PCI card is designed and built by AdvanSys for Iomega. The Jaz Jet SCSI PCI card is a high-performance, cross-platform SCSI host adapter card that obtains data transfer rates of 133 Mbytes/sec for both PC-compatible and Power Macintosh platforms.

Joint product development efforts between AdvanSys and Iomega enabled the companies to bring a SCSI solution to the market that enhances the best attributes of the Jaz drive -- the combination of cross-platform flexibility with exceptional speed and performance.

"Iomega and AdvanSys understand the customer's need to have a high-performance, affordable SCSI solution across all computer platforms," said James F. Ottinger, president and CEO of AdvanSys.

"We are very pleased that Iomega selected us to develop the technology solution their customers are seeking, and we anticipate that this type of OEM arrangement will be a key area of growth for AdvanSys in the years to come."


"The development of the Jaz Jet card went quickly and smoothly, due in large part to the terrific working partnership between our respective engineering groups," said Erich Flynn, Jaz product marketing manager for Iomega. "We are exceptionally pleased with the solution that AdvanSys and Iomega have brought to the market, and we look forward to continuing our relationship."

Ottinger added, "The hallmark of our OEM model is to ensure close working relationships between our customers' engineering groups and our own."

The Jaz Jet SCSI PCI card allows Jaz drive users to get optimum performance from their Jaz drive at an estimated street price of $99. The Jaz Jet card is available immediately wherever Jaz drives are sold.


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