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Keys Off 1.1, Prevents Tampering with your Mac, Download here


Announcing Keys Off 1.1, a major update to Blue Globe Software's popular Mac security product that makes it even easier to prevent anyone from tampering with your Macintosh. Once you tell Keys Off which parts of your Mac you want protected - your keyboard, mouse, power key, CD-ROM, or floppy drive - pressing a single Hot Key will disable them. Type in the password you have chosen and they spring back to life. Version 1.1 adds many new options while dramatically improving security features.

Unlike a screen saver with a password, Keys Off allows your Mac to display data normally while remaining protected. This makes it perfect in situations where you want your Mac to run a program or demonstration, yet you still want to prevent anyone from tampering with it.

Though it was originally created so parents could protect their Macintosh from their children's explorations, many users have found Keys Off to be an indespensible tool in other situations: salespeople who want to prevent tampering with their demonstration Macs, people who want to ensure their Mac is safe while away from their desk at work, teachers who need a Macintosh to remain actvive without students being able to modify it, and many others.

Download Keys Off shareware.


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