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Kidsongs Family Musical Adventure Game on CD-ROM


Television's cuddly "Kidsongs" characters, Ruby and Billy Biggle, will be singing and dancing their way across home computers everywhere with the release of TerraGlyph Interactive Studio's new children's musical CD-ROM adventure game, "Kidsongs Musical Mystery."

Based on the popular children's public television and home video series from Together Again Productions Inc. and Warner Bros. Records, this first-ever "Kidsongs" CD-ROM combines the musical fun and excitement of the sing-along television show with colorful, state-of-the-art interactive animation and simple, rewarding game play to appeal to the youngest computer users.

Boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 7 will find themselves tapping their feet and singing along with furry favorites Billy and Ruby Biggle and their favorite songs. "Kidsongs Musical Mystery" utilizes TerraGlyph's 32-bit multimedia technology and feature-film quality animation to create a 2-D and 3-D fantasy world where children are part of the game.

Like the "Kidsongs TV Show," "Kidsongs Musical Mystery" is built around themes and concepts that educators have found important in determining elementary school readiness.

The magic of "Kidsongs Musical Mystery" begins as the two "Kidsongs TV show" hosts, Christian and Alexandra, arrive in the TV studio for today's show, starring Professor Majorchord and the Harmonious Orchestra. They immediately discover the band and the instruments are missing, and the adventure begins.

With the help of Billy and Ruby Biggle, young players must solve the mystery of the missing musicians and their instruments by searching through eight beautifully rendered musical-themed lands, including Beat Street, Rock Around the Park, and Down by the Bay.

Once all the musicians have recovered their instruments, it's off to the show they go. To express his gratitude, the professor gives the young detectives a magic jukebox, which plays 20 full-length Kidsongs songs -- a sure-fire hit ending to the game. Children will love singing and dancing to the Biggles.

"We wanted to capture the entertainment and musical qualities of the original television series on CD-ROM, where the kids playing could actually sing along and feel like they are part of the game," said Dennis G. Defensor, president and CEO of TerraGlyph Interactive Studios.

"Our animation and the show's music seemed like the perfect combination for creating an entertaining CD-ROM for younger children."

"Our main goal in working with TerraGlyph to license a Kidsongs CD-ROM was to create a high-quality, stimulating, interactive experience in a game that children will want to play again and again," said Carol Rosenstein, president of Together Again Productions. "TerraGlyph was the perfect interactive studio to work with; its excellent animation and digital music capabilities really capture the quality and spirit of Kidsongs."

"Kidsongs Musical Mystery" is scheduled to be available in retail stores on Nov. 25, 1996.

Founded in 1994, TerraGlyph Interactive Studios designs, develops, markets and distributes interactive family entertainment software for Apple Macintosh. and Windows


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