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Kingston Extends Memory Offer 8 MB Memory for $69


Following the successful launch of an 8 MB DRAM memory upgrade offer for Apple Macintosh users, developed in cooperation with Microsoft Corporation, Kingston Technology Company today announced the offer will be extended through the end of the year.

"The response has been tremendous," commented Gary MacDonald, Kingston's vice president of marketing. "We initially launched this special program in July and we are delighted with the results. Our goal with this program has been to demonstrate that the inherent speed and efficiency enhancements brought by increased memory, combined with extremely attractive DRAM prices, make added memory one of the most cost-effective ways computer owners can breathe life into new and existing systems."

Designed to maximize the productivity of Macintosh users while delivering ever greater efficiency to Macintosh systems, the upgrade is available to existing registered users of Microsoft Office applications for Macintosh at the unprecedented price of $69 (including second-day shipping and all applicable taxes). Offered as part of the Microsoft Empowerment Pack, a suite of software tools and upgrades from Microsoft and Apple Computer, the Kingston upgrade provides the expanded memory necessary to make today's software tools as effective as possible.

The added memory will enhance the productivity of Macintosh systems, enabling them to more easily run multiple applications simultaneously and perform the increasingly demanding operations expected from today's software programs. Available for the entire Macintosh product family, the added memory from Kingston will enhance the full capability of Microsoft software for the Macintosh. Also included in the Microsoft Empowerment Pack is a suite of utilities from Microsoft and Apple designed to enhance the Internet capabilities of Microsoft productivity applications and to provide a central source for System 7.5 updates.

"The Microsoft Empowerment Pack represents a new era of cooperation for Apple and Microsoft," said Dave Meltzer, Microsoft Corp.'s group product manager for Macintosh applications. "This collaboration reinforces the commitment of both companies to offer complementary technologies that continue to benefit our mutual customers. We are very pleased to work with Kingston on this memory offer. In addition to being a leading manufacturer of memory modules, Kingston is committed to manufacturing the highest quality products, compatible with the varied needs of today's broad range of hardware products and operating systems," Meltzer continued.

Through the Empowerment Pack Program, Kingston, Microsoft and Apple Computer will be promoting these modules and the entire Empowerment Pack in an advertising and direct mail campaign currently underway. In addition to the memory offer from Kingston, the Empowerment Pack offers a collection of Microsoft and Apple utilities and updates designed to enhance the Internet capabilities of Microsoft productivity applications and to provide a central source for system 7.5 updates. The pack includes:

-- The Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 Web Browser.

-- Internet Assistant 2.0 for Microsoft Word and Internet Assistant for

Microsoft Excel, HTML-conversion tools for web publishing.

-- Microsoft Word 6.0.1a Update.

-- System 7.5 Update 2.0 and System 7.5.3 Revision 2, the two latest

system updates from Apple.

"Just as the microprocessor contributes to the overall performance of a computer, so too does the DRAM memory impact the operation of a system," said Jim McGregor, senior analyst for In-Stat. "Since memory enhances the productivity of the microprocessor, an upgrade of memory allows end-users to realize their systems true levels of speed and efficiency. In addition, with the memory components currently accounting for more than 22% of the total system cost of a computer, a memory offer such as Kingston's is a significant savings for consumers."

To meet the needs of its customers, Kingston offers more than 2,200 memory products that support the diverse specifications of over 30 major brands of personal computers, workstations, printers, scanners, and other electronic devices with specific memory requirements. Using a just-in-time manufacturing model, Kingston designs memory modules to the exact specifications of the individual machine and manufacturer to insure the memory is completely compatible with the system's applications and operating systems. To insure complete reliability, every memory product is individually tested prior to shipping and is backed by a 24-hour exchange policy.

The free Microsoft Empowerment Pack was mailed on CD-ROM to registered users of Microsoft Office 4.2 for Macintosh, Microsoft Word 6.x for Macintosh, Microsoft Excel 5.x for Macintosh and the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation graphics program version 4.x for Macintosh. Registered users of Microsoft Office 3.0 will receive a mail-in card to receive the package. Other customers can download the software from the Microsoft web site at . Included in this mailing is an offer for Kingston's memory. These modules are priced at $69 for upgrades to desktop computers and $149 for upgrades to PowerBook systems. Guaranteed through December 31, 1996, all prices include tax, shipping and handling.


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