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Ram Grows to 128mb Less Than $3,000


Kingston Technology, the worldwide leader in memory products, today announced the immediate release of a 128MB DIMM (dual-in-line memory module) to support the Apple Power Macintosh 9500 series of desktop computers -- an attractively priced memory innovation which expands the original systems' maximum memory capacity.

"Whereas system specifications max out the Macintosh 9500 at 768MB for memory using 64MB modules, resourceful Kingston engineers have designed and tested, in the actual system, a 128MB module that works effectively," commented Gary MacDonald, Kingston's vice president of marketing. "What this means to 9500 systems users is that they may now increase the capacity of their systems to a full 1.5GB of memory. Added to this capacity benefit is the fact that the Kingston 128MB module has an MSRP, Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, under $3,000."

The Power Macintosh 9500 series, including the 9500/120, 9500/132, and 9500/150 models, typically comes with 16MB or 32MB of removable system memory and 4MB of non-removable video memory. Modules for the Power Macintosh 9500 series may be installed one at a time, but if added in pairs, they are able to take advantage of memory interleaving.

The new 128MB Kingston memory module, part #: (KTA604/128), is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with Apple hardware, software and diagnostics designed for the Power Macintosh 9500 series of systems and all carry Kingston's lifetime warranty.

Additional Kingston memory modules to support the Power Macintosh 9500 series include an 8MB module, part #: (KTA604/8); a 16MB module, part #: (KTA604/16); a 32MB module, part #: (KTA604/32); and a 64MB module, part #: (KTA604/64). Kingston also offers a 2MB video memory upgrade, part #: (KTA-V9500/2).


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