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Horizons Announces Quarterly LANauditor update, Support for Mac, Download here


Horizons Technology announced that it has shipped its fourth consecutive quarterly release of LANauditor under its Enterprise License Program.

This release, which includes expanded support for both Macintosh and OS/2 clients, strengthens LANauditor's position as a leading heterogeneous network auditing package.

Expanded Macintosh and OS/2 Support

LANauditor 3.13, quarterly update, includes IP address detection in a range of Macintosh environments. Macintosh audit scheduling has also been enhanced to include the advanced features available in Windows and OS/2 audit scheduling enabling users complete control over data collection timing for Macintosh audits.

CD ROM detection has been added under OS/2 as well as an expanded OS/2 software dictionary.

Other LANauditor enhancements:

- Expanded software dictionary focused on Internet communication software.

- Updated CPU detection including Pentium Pro and Power PC machines.

- Enhanced ability to audit machines with very large directory trees.

Under the Enterprise License Subscription Program, LANauditor quarterly updates are available at no cost to all LAN auditor 3.1x registered users. These updates include any agent updates, software enhancements as well as a software dictionary update. Each quarter the dictionary focuses on a different "topic".

LANauditor's unique software application identification method and detailed hardware configuration collection make it a critical tool for any kind of upgrade or acquisition planning. This is exactly how Jason Wyckoff of Cargill Investor Services Inc. uses LANauditor. "It is essential that I keep all my users current with registration and upgrades. LANauditor lets me generate an easy-to-use report that I then use as a checklist to determine where I need to purchase agreements."

Horizons Technology offers a variety of software licensing options in addition to the Enterprise License Program including its Service Provider Program. Under this Program, organizations which provide outsourcing services to large companies can license LANauditor for a "one-time" audit at a fraction of the normal licensing fee.

A free 10-user license of LANauditor can be downloaded


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