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RightFAX Brings LAN Fax Software to Multi-Platform Environments


With telecommuting now a key aspect of today's business environment, RightFAX, Inc. has solved the challenges of remote accessibility through its new Web Client module. By integrating a way to send, receive and forward faxes via a standard Internet browser into its original Local Area Network (LAN) fax server software, RightFAX keeps fax capabilities within reach of the out-of-office worker and brings the benefits of its LAN fax server software to platform-independent environments. A subsidiary of Applied Voice Technology, Inc., and an industry leader in the computer-based LAN fax server software market, RightFAX is the first fax software that galvanizes a LAN fax server with Internet accessibility.

A simple solution to a complex problem, the RightFAX Web Client works alongside the RightFAX NT v4.50 software to allow Internet connectivity. Once the Web Client module is installed and configured into the RightFAX application, a user from outside the LAN can dial into a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), get on the Internet, enter a security-coded access page linked to the user's company Web site, and connect to his or her fax mailbox. The user can now send, receive, forward, route, delete and print faxes, all on a real-time basis. Because the gateway to the fax server is via the Internet, the Web Client is accessible by an IBM-PC, Macintosh, UNIX, Sparc Station, Amiga, Newton or any other platform that can use a Web browser.

"The RightFAX Web Client offers incredible flexibility for office communication," said Peter Davidson, president of industry analyst firm Davidson Consulting, Burbank, Calif. "LAN-based fax servers are being used by corporations to save both time and money. RightFAX has provided a unique tool that extends the reach of their fax server to include the business traveler and the home office worker. The Web Client's universal platform accessibility is a key to simplifying today's complex technology systems."

The RightFAX product line, which consists of RightFAX NT v4.50 and RightFAX OS/2 v4.02, stands apart from other fax solutions in that the company's engineers developed the software around the network itself, resulting in a true multi-tasking and multi-threaded solution for local area networks. The basic functionality allows users to send and receive faxes directly from one workstation to another across multiple platforms. As a result of utilizing RightFAX's fax server software technology, users experience increased productivity and a reduction in expenses and work time associated with the use of standalone fax machines.

Because the Web Client module resides on the fax server, users outside the LAN need only an Internet connection, Web browser and the security code to connect with their faxes. Instead of faxing to a traveling co-worker's hotel, faxes can be sent to the person's fax mailbox on the server, and be instantly available to the owner. Image and text documents can be attached to a cover sheet and faxed, and any fax can be saved on the client's hard drive for off-line viewing.

"We realize that there are many businesspeople who need to access their faxes, whether they are traveling or working from home," said Bradley H. Feder, president of RightFAX. "Now mobile professionals, as well as corporations working in a multi-platform environment, can benefit from all the functionality of our RightFAX server through the Web Client module."


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