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Nova Releases 20,000 Web Graphics CD


Web Explosion 20,000, the ultimate graphics library for creating Web pages, makes its debut today from Nova Development Corp., Art Explosion 40,000.

Designed for novices and professionals alike, Web Explosion features 20,000 royalty-free images, reportedly making it the world's largest collection of custom-designed images for the Web. It has a street price of just $49.95.

"Whether a user wants to design a conservative or flashy Web page or anything in between, Web Explosion has an enormous selection of ready-made images that makes it easy to capture the perfect look," said Roger Bloxberg, chief executive officer of Nova Development Corp.

Compatible with every Web authoring tool and Web browser available, Web Explosion contains thousands of ready-made buttons, bullets, banners, dividers and other elements that provide for an endless number of combinations.

"Users can put their own personal spin on Web pages by choosing from eye-popping neon, art deco, southwestern and retro looks, plus scores of other styles," he added.

Web Explosion comes on two CD-ROMs with on-screen color image browsers that make it easy to search for and select images, plus a 124-page printed manual with color examples of graphics. While supplies last, it will also include a bonus of 500 royalty-free sound effects, enabling users to create the ultimate "talking" Web pages and bring Shockwave animations and Java applets to life.

Thousands of Buttons, Bullets, Banners ... Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Web Explosion offers an unprecedented number of professional-quality royalty-free Web graphics. Included are literally hundreds of styles, colors, shapes and sizes in the following categories:

-- 10,000 Buttons -- 500 Bullets

-- 250 Banners -- 750 Backgrounds

-- 1000 Dividers -- 7000 Clip Art Images

-- 1000 Photos -- 250 Textures

-- 500 8-bit Sound Effects -- Plus sidebars, accents and more!

All buttons are provided in two sizes and are fine-tuned to look perfect both on light and dark backgrounds. Painstakingly organized and provided in GIF or JPEG format, there are an unprecedented 50,000 individual files in all.

Ease-of-Use and Robust Graphics Put Creativity at Users' Fingertips

Web Explosion graphics are visually appealing because they're clearly drawn and provided in vibrant colors. Equally important, "We designed Web Explosion to be attractive both to internet professionals and beginning Web authors," continued Bloxberg. "No image editing is required. Every button is provided with 35 words commonly used on Web pages in a matching typeface, making it a `plug-and-play' graphics solution."

Web authors simply decide on a button style and color using either the on-screen browsers or the color images in the Web Explosion manual. They can then simply insert the desired buttons into their editor, choosing from preset names such as Products, News, E-Mail Us, Order and Support. Blank buttons are also included so that users can customize their sites with their own text or substitute text in foreign languages.

Adding bullets, dividers, backgrounds and other images is every bit as easy. A healthy assortment of easily-used accents is also included, featuring messages such as This Link has Moved, Come on in and Shop! and Under Construction.

Web Explosion Images Download Quickly, Dazzling Web Page Visitors

Ranging from ultra-conservative to wild and wacky, each image is optimized for both quality and file size, using a variety of state-of-the-art GIF and JPEG compression procedures. "Because we've designed Web Explosion images to download quickly, visitors to your Web site will be dazzled by the creativity of the page rather than frustrated by long wait times," Bloxberg concluded.

Anticipated street price of $49.95.


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