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Lasso Ties your FileMaker Pro Database with the Web, Download Lasso Lite here


Blue World Communications, Inc. today announced a powerful new family of tools for quickly integrating Claris Corporation FileMaker Pro 3.0 for the Macintosh databases with the Web. The Lasso family includes Lasso, Lasso Lite and Lasso Pro.

The first of it's kind, Lasso Pro allows for complete customization of database operations through an easy-to-use Web browser interface, allowing even novice Website developers to easily setup their FileMaker Pro databases on the Web. Users quickly configure, preview and test their Web database setup without ever leaving their Web browser.

Lasso works with Web authoring tools such as Claris Home Page, allowing Web developers to customize how the Lasso tool communicates with FileMaker Pro. Web developers can now control Web based interaction with their FileMaker Pro database using the same easy-to-use GUI tool used to build Web pages.

Written in C++, Lasso provides superior performance compared with other solutions written in scripting languages like AppleScript and Frontier and operates at a smaller RAM footprint than other C++ solutions. Searching FileMaker Pro Macintosh relational databases with tens of thousands of records in under a second is now possible with Lasso. Lasso's flexible object design allows modules to be easily constructed permitting additional capabilities to be tightly interwoven with Lasso's core technology. Lasso will ship with ready to use templates for popular applications such as online catalogs, interactive guestbooks, online response forms and others. Future modules will include sophisticated control over operations such as online "shopping carts" and others.

Unlike other solutions, Lasso allows complete flexibility of how your FileMaker Pro data is formatted without requiring any changes to your actual database. Lasso Pro provides remote administration of your Web database configuration from anywhere on the Internet, making it the perfect tool for Web developers who co-locate their Web server or house their Web server offsite. Lasso also provides sophisticated routines for security allowing greater control over how databases are served and administered in shared environments.

Lasso works with WebSTAR, the popular Mac-based Web server and other Web servers supporting the WebSTAR CGI communications standard. Lasso will also operate as a WebSTAR plug-in and run on both 680x0 Macintoshes and native on Power Macintosh computers.

FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Macintosh from Claris Corporation, a subsidiary of Apple Computer, is rapidly growing in acceptance as the preferred database for Mac-based Web serving. FileMaker Pro excels in ease of use, flexibility and performance. Blue World Communications is a recognized leader in developing sophisticated custom FileMaker Pro on the Web solutions and now with Lasso, brings this capability to vast numbers of Web developers.

Download Lasso Lite, a feature limited but highly functional CGI .


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