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LaundroMac Utilities Keeps Hard Drives "Clean"


The Excelsior Group's LaundroMac allows Mac owners to keep their hard drives clean. LaundroMac is a suite of disk utilities introduced at this month's MACWORLD Expo.

LaundroMac's includes eight utilities to optimize users hard drives by identifying redundant or unnecessary files.

App Slimmer trims fat binary applications by removing code not needed for a particular Mac.
Helter Skelter finds documentation and help files, allowing users to delete them or move them to another disk.
MacUninstaller cleans applications from a drive, including associated files strewn across the disk.
Prefs Cleaner searches out and zaps unneeded preference files.

Also included is Alias Resolver, Folder Clearer, Font Remover and Orphan Adopter.

LaundroMac costs $69.95.


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