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Law Office Software Site for Mac


There is a new site on the World Wide Web that has a comprehensive list of software specifically for law office use on the Macintosh computer. Almost 100 different software products are listed, along with contact information, descriptions and e-mail links!

This site is useful resource for finding information about legal software products that are often difficult to loacte. Use of the Macintosh computer among attorneys is on the rise because of its ease of use and setup.

Randy B. Singer the sites creator states "If we want the law office software vendors to continue to support the Macintosh, we need to get the word out about their products. There are a ton of Mac-using attorneys out there that don't know of any resources for finding law office applications for their Macintosh. This has led to the serious misconception (promoted by DOS/Windoze bigots) that there IS NO law office software for the Mac. "


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