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Ignite Technologies Introduces Layout Mill Gui Builder For Serious Java Application Development


Ignite Technologies introduced the Layout Mill graphical user interface (GUI) builder, the first in a series of interactive development tools enabling programmers to rapidly develop mission-critical corporate applications written in the Java programming language.

"Graphical development environments such as Ignite's new Layout Mill are the first wave of true Java-based tools allowing corporate developers to create useful and functional Java applications," said Dave Kelly, director of the Application Strategies Service at Hurwitz Group, Inc. of Newton, Mass.

Designed and written entirely in Java, the Layout Mill GUI Builder is designed to:

Optimize development resources: Layout Mill makes it possible to have teams of programmers working on the same project with the same tool, regardless of their development platform.

Reduce the time needed to develop applications: Layout Mill's unique WYSIWYG hot switch capability allows developers to adjust applications for Windows, UNIX Motif and Macintosh platform-specific look and feel issues during development.

Produce easy-to-maintain code: Layout Mill implements code re-use by reference, instead of copying huge sections of code. Layout Mill also separates its own generated GUI code from hand-written behavior code, keeping application logic separate from the tool logic.

Minimize network bandwidth: Layout Mill generates code efficiently, with a small footprint that enables developers to move highly optimized data with minimal transmission time.

"The Layout Mill was designed and built by developers for developers," said Bill Kelly, CEO of Ignite Technologies. "We took our nearly 100 years of experience in building distributed, high-transaction, mission-critical applications over local and wide area networks for the financial services industry and applied it to using Java to create serious applications for the Internet and corporate intranets."

"The Layout Mill is the first stepping stone in series of integrated products that address the problems of developing mission-critical applications in a fully distributed, multi-tier environment," continued the Ignite CEO. "Unlike other tools, the Layout Mill is not a Java code generator grafted onto a pre-existing C++ environment. We created it with Java and watched our own development productivity increase by a factor of four over conventional C++ development."

The Layout Mill is designed to work on any hardware platform for which a Java Virtual Machine is available. The GUI Builder may be ordered today from Ignite (1-888-IGNITE-IT) at a list price of $299, and will ship within 30 days. As a special introductory offer through January, 1997, Ignite will provide Layout Mill users with a coupon worth $499 to receive, at no charge, Ignite's Component Pack 1 for Applications Development when it becomes available next February. This software package provides basic building blocks for business applications.


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