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Apple Sponsors Wisconsin WebFair '97


Apple Computer, Inc. announced its sponsorship of Wisconsin WebFair '97, an online academic fair that showcases Wisconsin students' outstanding and innovative educational uses of the Internet. Throughout November 1996, Apple will conduct several hands-on web page design workshops for Wisconsin K-12 teachers and college professors whose students will be entering projects in WebFair '97. Apple is also providing the Internet server to host WebFair '97. Apple's involvement in WebFair '97 is part of the Company's long-term commitment to provide educators with tools, resources, and technology staff development to help them integrate technology into the curriculum.

Through January 1997 (which is the deadline for entries), interested students and their sponsoring teachers or professors will organize educational projects and develop web pages to publish their WebFair '97 projects on the Internet. The entries will be on display worldwide via the web for fellow students and teachers from all nations to view. In February 1997, teams of judges will evaluate entries online, and winners will be announced in March 1997.

"WebFair '97 is a fun, creative, high-tech adventure designed to highlight outstanding student successes in harnessing the Internet as a tool for improved learning," said Lee Alley with University of Wisconsin Systems' Office of Learning and Information Technology, which organized the fair. "Apple's contribution of time and talent to teach teachers the fundamentals of web page creation and design is integral to the success of the fair."

"Thousands of schools throughout the country continue to get wired for access to the Internet as part of NetDay96, and Apple is committed to helping them become self-dependent, technology-empowered learning centers," said Barry Sevett, Apple's central region education development executive. "By sponsoring programs like WebFair '97, Apple can share its unique perspective on the positive impact the Internet and other technologies can and have had on teaching and learning -- a perspective that comes from almost 20 years as the leader in educational technology and from more than 11 years of research through ACOT (Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow)."

The Apple web page design workshops will be held in the Madison, Eau Claire, Milwaukee and Green Bay areas. Information about the Wisconsin WebFair '97 can be accessed at: Dates and locations of Apple's web page design workshops are available . The Apple workshop dates and locations are also attached.


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