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Lari Releases LightningDraw Electric, Download here


Lari Software Inc. released LightningDraw Electric, a powerful content creation application for the World Wide Web based on its acclaimed LightningDraw GX.

LightningDraw Electric creates graphics and animation content that can be viewed using Electrifier playback software. LightningDraw Electric also allows users to import existing PICT and Illustrator files and save them in the optimized Electrifier format.

Lari Software Inc., Apple Computer, Inc. and other developers have jointly announced Electrifier, the Internet graphics and animation solution based on Mac OS 8 Graphics technology. Electrifier playback software makes it possible for users to view large-scale vector graphics and animation in as little as 1K, allowing rapid download over the Internet. These vector animations can be hundreds of times smaller in size than the equivalent bitmap animations used today.

LightningDraw Electric incorporates a full complement of powerful draw, type and transformation tools. The product also provides natural graphics features that allow users to be far more creative and productive than ever before. The intuitive Reshaper tool lets a user grab any part of a shape, not just special control points, to mold it like a sculptor. Exclusive InConcert features allow users to merge shapes into one another as they draw. LightningDraws array of special effects includes dynamic Photoshop-style translucency, shading and tinting, a first in an illustration package. The software offers precision to 1/65,536 point, zoom levels between 3.125% and 3200%, and unlimited layers. Color features include ColorSync color matching, eight color models, and up to 32 colors per gradient fill.

Multimedia designer Jason Torchinsky said thatalways thought that, artistically, limitations help spark creativity, but when it comes to the Web, enough is enough already. Electrifier and LightningDraw do a great deal to help alleviate the often frustrating limitations of Web page design. Together they allow for the creation of dynamic, active pages with large, substantial images without the painful toll of interminable download times. Electrifier makes the Web a far better environment for design.

In a review of LightningDraw GX, MacWEEK wrote, "Working with LightningDraw GX reminds us of the excitement of the first days of the Mac; there's revolutionary stuff happening here."

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