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Logitech Announces 3 New Pointing Devices for Mac


Logitech announced 3 new pointing devices for Macintosh: TrackMan Marble, TrackMan Live!, and Cordless MouseMan. Each offers advanced design and technology, comfort, ease of use, and the unmatched quality of the world's largest manufacturer of mice and trackballs.

TrackMan Marble (Unmatched reliability, performance and comfort):

The TrackMan Marble trackball takes reliability, precision and performance to a new level with the most advanced pointing technology available today. Patended Marble sensing technology provides smooth tracking, exceptional reliability, and superior precision in a trackball that's so dirt resistant it doesn't require regular cleaning. Rest your hand on TrackMan Marble, move the ball with your thumb, and feel the difference. Marble sensing technology replaces all the mechanical moving parts that record motion with an electronic tracking system. A laser-like beam illuminates dots printed on the ball, and a sensor tracks motion. You get precision, reduced wear and smooth tracking even if the ball gets dirty or scratched. Only TrackMan Marble combines high performance, low maintenance, comfort, and reliability.

TrackMan Live! (Get the freedom to be a better presenter):

Give better, more natural presentations. The cordless TrackMan Live! contoller frees you to move around the room during training sessions, presentations, and meetings. Our radio wireless solution lets you move as far as 30 feet from the computer and control presentations without needing to point TrackMan Live! at the system. Three differently-sized buttons let you move forward or backward or give other commands without disrupting your flow, even in the dark. Comfortable TrackMan Live! is also easy to use as a mouse for editing presentations. It runs on 2 standard AAA-size batteries. A battery status light shows that you have plenty of power, or flashes when there are 2 hours left. A low-range option (6 feet) is perfect for presentations or demos at your desk and conserves the batteries. TrackMan Live! uses no power when turned off.

Cordless MouseMan (the ultimate cordless mouse)

Comfortable Cordless MouseMan frees you from both the cord of a standard mouse and the limitations of infrared cordless mice. Because it communicates with your computer through advanced radio technology, and not an infrared light beam, Cordless MouseMan works anywhere, up to 6 feet from the receiver, which plugs into your computers ADB port. It even works when the mouse and receiver are not in a direct line. Cordless MouseMan transmits at a low frequency (27 MHz) to eliminate interference with other radio devices. Four seperate channels allow the simultaneous use of multiple Cordless MouseMan mice in the same area. It runs on 2 standard AAA batteries, which last more than 6 months for an average user. When it hasn't been used in 10 seconds, the mouse enters sleep mode to maximize battery life.

3 buttons and MouseKey software let you work easier and faster:

3 buttons and MouseKey software make it simple to customize TrackMan Marble, TrackMan Live! and Cordless MouseMan for your needs. Assign double click, cut, paste, click lock or other frequently-used commands to the 2nd or 3rd mouse button. MouseKey lets you specify a different set of button assignments for each application, and the software remembers the appropriate assignments when the application is active. Save time with the Smart Move feature which automatically moves the cursor to default dialog boxes.


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