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Lotus Notes Now Supported on Apple Network Servers


Lotus Development Corp. and Apple Computer, Inc. today announced support of Lotus Notes on Apple Network Servers running the IBM AIX operating system. Notes support on the Apple Network Server will provide Apple customers with a powerful set of tools to develop, manage and host collaborative business applications on corporate networks, intranets or the Internet. Whether working in an Apple-only or heterogeneous environment, organizations will be able to develop and maintain content-rich, interactive Web sites by leveraging Lotus' Web server technology, code-named "Domino", and the strengths of Notes such as: workflow, application development and enterprise connectivity.

"The availability of Lotus Notes Release 4.0 and Domino on the Apple Network Servers underscores our commitment to the Network Server platform for enterprise and departmental computing," said Howard Lee, senior vice president of the Servers and Alternative Platforms Division at Apple. "Our collaboration with Lotus provides Network Server customers with the full Lotus Notes and Domino solution on both the client and network side."

"By supporting the Apple Network Server with Notes for the IBM AIX platform, we are furthering our cross-platform commitment for Notes," said Eileen Rudden, senior vice president, communications products development, Lotus Development Corp. "Lotus has worked closely with Apple to provide support for our mutual customers since Notes Release 3 was introduced. This latest effort of our long-standing alliance gives Apple customers a total Notes client/server and Internet solution."

"Domino for Apple Network Servers is very significant to Siena Hill for our inter-enterprise product strategy," said Hildy DeFrisco, president of Siena Hill. "Global Piazza(TM) is a project management application that helps virtual companies manage projects using a browser front end and a Domino back-end. In the virtual corporation model you cannot predict or dictate which platform or operating systems are in use. Domino for Apple Network Servers opens Global Piazza to the world of Apple-centric users."

Lotus Notes provides an ideal communications infrastructure by combining enterprise-ready, client/server messaging and the global access of the World Wide Web, together with a platform for rapidly developing and deploying strategic intranet and groupware applications. Notes enables individuals and organizations to communicate with colleagues, collaborate in teams, and coordinate business processes within and beyond their organizational boundaries to achieve improved business results.

Lotus' Web server technology, code-named "Domino", transforms the Notes Release 4 server into an interactive Web application server providing organizations with the ability to develop a broad range of business solutions for the Internet and intranets. It also allows end users to access Notes servers from any standard web browser. With Macintosh as the leading platform for creating graphical layout and Web content and the robust application development facilities of Notes, Domino enables Macintosh Web developers to rapidly develop applications that deliver personalized content. From within Notes, Mac users are able to create content, route it for approval, post it to the Web and manage that content.

Lotus will also ship a series of templates to help customers rapidly develop and deploy their Domino-based applications. Application templates include: user registration management, threaded discussion and Web-based mail access.

Engineered and designed from the ground up as high-performance servers, the AIX-based Network Servers 500/132 and 700/150 deliver the power and scalability required to manage the distribution of extremely large files across networks under heavy demand. By tightly integrating the Network Servers with its desktop systems, Apple offers a scalable client/server solution for production, MIS and network managers in business and education environments. AIX for the Apple Network Servers is based on IBM's AIX Operating System and is binary compatible, thus providing customers access to thousands of proven AIX applications such as Lotus Notes.

Notes Release 4.1 is available immediately from Lotus and Lotus Business Partners. Support for Apple Network Servers is provided via the Notes Server for IBM AIX and requires AIX 4.1.4 or later. Estimated retail price for Notes Server for AIX is $495/Single Processor Server Edition and $2,295/Multi-processor Server Edition. Beta versions of Domino for IBM AIX will be available for download on the Lotus Domino Web site at this month. For more information on Lotus Notes, please call 1-800-346-1305.


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