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Mac Air Warrior FREE Beta Available, Download Here


A new version of Mac Air Warrior is now in FREE open beta test on the web. This is a much revamped version, with an all new GUI interface that fully complies with Mac standards, and many other new features.

Air Warrior is the original multi-player air combat simulation. It has been played by thousands since 1987, on GEnie, Delphi, and CRIS. In the last year, we've moved to TCP/IP and PPP, and Air Warrior is now played on AOL, CIS, and Earthlink, as well as the original services. Air Warrior features 27 accurately modeled aircraft, from World War I, World War II, and the Korean War - as well as the best flight sim pilots in the world.

And it's in FREE beta test! Launched right off the web!

As soon as the beta test is completed, Air Warrior for Macintosh will be going into production on AOL, where the largest Mac community in the world resides.

Air Warrior Part 1, 1889 Kb

Air Warrior Part 2 , 1888 Kb

Air Warrior Part 3, 1889 Kb

Air Warrior Part 4 , 876 Kb


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