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Independence Day, Not the Movie Free Tech Support

Mac Assist, is a new tech support area for all Mac users. Anyone owning an Apple Macintosh-compatible computer who has a connection to the Internet can submit questions regarding a wide range of areas in which help may be needed. Subjects supported are: Apple Hardware, Apple Software, System Software, Third-party Hardware, Third-party Software, Peripherals, Internet, Networking, and more!

Users who send in requests for assistance are guaranteed a response within 24 hours! Answers provided will not be short, one line replies; solutions offered will be detailed and explicit, telling users exactly what they can do to try and solve their technical problems. And, even though no guarantee is made that all questions will be easily answered, it is promised that help will be given until it is concluded that further assistance will be needed from outside parties.

Created by a fellow Mac user and advocate, Mac Assist has been established to offer personalized aid to all those who need it quickly and reliably.

Visit Mac Assist, starting July 4, and receive any and all help you need so that you can put the fun back into using your Mac!

Note: No guarantee is made that technical problems will be solved, nor will any responsibility be taken for the results of following the technical advice offered.