The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services Business (39):
Developer Product
Abbott Systems, Inc. D.Duper
ACI US, Inc. 4D First
Adobe Systems, Inc. Aldus Fetch
Alaras Corp. Alaras Aperatura
Alaras Corp. Alaras Mixxer
Alaras Corp. Alaras Tropix
Ardenwood Software Optical Disc Catalog
Attain Corp. FastPace Instant Contact
Attain Corp. IN CONTROL
Baseview Products AdminPro
Baseview Products CommLink
Baseview Products CommLink/Plus
Baseview Products DisplayManager
Baseview Products DistributionHandler
Baseview Products NewsEdit Pro IQue
Baseview Products PreprintHandler
Baseview Products ProductionManager
Baseview Products SubscriptionHandler
Baseview Products Transporter w/MacLinks
Baseview Products WireManager IQue
Big Software Big Business
Big Software Big Business Server
Bradley S. Pliner FormSaver
Casady & Greene InfoGenie
Casady & Greene Let's Keep It Simple Spreadsheet
Casady & Greene SnapMail
CheckMark Software, Inc. CashLedger
CheckMark Software, Inc. MultiLedger
Chena Software, Inc. InfoDepot
Cordant Imaging Systems Safekeep
Business (Continued)
Developer Product
Cypress Research Corporation PhonePro
DB:Solutions, Inc. DB:$ Retailer's Advantage
DB:Solutions, Inc. DB:$ Retailer's Edge
EveryWare Development Corporation Butler SQL
Mainstay Phyla
Natural Intelligence, Inc QuickCode Pro
Symmetry Software Corporation NetBooks(TM) - Small Business Accounting
Symmetry Software Corporation NetBooks Business Accounting
Whiskey Hill Software Inc. ClienTrac

Education (29):
Developer Product
Aurbach & Associates Grady Profile
Aurbach & Associates Grady Profile Companion
Bobbing Software Bobbing Gradebook
Bobbing Software Bobbing Gradebook PRO
Chancery Software, Ltd. CSL Curriculum Orchestrator
COMPanion Alexandria
COMPanion Lancaster
COMPanion MacLunchroom
Houghton Mifflin C.D.'s Story Time
Houghton Mifflin Top Secret Decoder
Kelowna Software, Ltd. Library 4 4.4.12i
Learning in Motion Researcher
MindPlay Ace Publisher
MindPlay Biology Tutor
MindPlay Chemistry Tutor
MindPlay JoJos Reading Circus
MindPlay Physics Tutor
MindPlay WordHound
Neptune Systems Sniffer Dog
ORBIS Software Easy Grade Pro
PEMD Education Group, Ltd. Think For Yourself
PEMD Education Group, Ltd. World Bank Data CD-ROM
Pierian Spring Software CampOS Math
Pierian Spring Software Continent Explorer II
Pierian Spring Software Digital Chisel
Pierian Spring Software Interactive Geography
Rodus International Corporation Grades
SureMath Publishing, Inc. SureMath
Education (continued)
Developer Product
Wayzata Technology GAIA environmental resource

Entertainment/Games (48):
Developer Product
Balloons Software This Olde Disk Drive, Tape 1
Binary Software Bloopers
Bullseye Software Dogfight City
Bungie Software Marathon 2: Durandal
Bungie Software Marathon on CD-ROM
Bungie Software Marathon
Bungie Software Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete
Bungie Software Pathways into Darkness
Casady & Greene AmoebArena
Casady & Greene Crystal Crazy
Casady & Greene Spaceway 2000
Casady & Greene ZOA
Casady & Greene Zone Warrior
Changeling, Inc. Space Madness
Changeling, Inc. Ares
Changeling, Inc. Peg Leg
Chaos Tech/Deadly Games BattleGround
Chaos Tech/Deadly Games Bomber 2
Chaos Tech/Deadly Games DrumBeat
Chaos Tech/Deadly Games U-Boat
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Prism
Delta Tao Software, Inc. WonderPrint
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Zeus
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Erik's Ultimate Solitaire
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Strategic Conquest
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Dark Castle
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Spaceward Ho!
Domark Curse of Dragor
Domark Flying Nightmares
Domark Out of the Sun
Donald E. Carlile Star Patrol
Dragon Electronics LandShark
Focus Enhancements 3 in Three
Focus Enhancements CD-ROM Game Pak
Focus Enhancements Deliverance
Focus Enhancements Firefall Arcade
Entertainment/Games (continued)
Developer Product
Frontal Assaultware, Inc. Onslaught
MacPlay Checkmate
MacPlay Power Pete
MacSoft Diamonds 3D
Quantum Leap Technologies Game Collection
Semicolon Software Solitaire Till Dawn
StarPlay Productions, Inc. Games of Fame II
StarPlay Productions, Inc. ShadowWraith: Souls
StarPlay Productions, Inc. Games of Fame Bundle
StarPlay Productions, Inc. Loony Labyrinth Pinball
StarPlay Productions, Inc. Shadow Wraith
Wayzata Technology Down to Earth!

Fonts (8):
Developer Product
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Super ATM
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Type Reunion
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe TypeTwister
Blue Sky Research Classic Textures
Insider Software Font Box
International Typeface Corp. ITC GX Fonts
Symantec Corporation Suitcase
Symantec Corporation Suitcase

Hardware (53):
Developer Product
Adaptec Corporation PowerDomain 2940UW
Adaptec Corporation PowerDomain 3940UW
Advanced Gravis Gravis Firebird Programable Flight & Game Controller
Advanced Gravis Gravis Mac GamePad
Advanced Gravis Mac MouseStick II
ATI Technologies XClaim GA
ATTO Express PCI-SCd
ATTO Silicon Express 3D
ATTO Silicon Express 4D
ATTO Silicon Express II
ATTO Silicon Express IV
Hardware (continued)
Developer Product
Creative Solutions, Inc. Hurdler SCSI Serial Expansion
Creative Solutions, Inc. Hurdler(TM) CPI Board
Creative Solutions, Inc. Hustler External Serial Accel. Peripheral
Creative Solutions, Inc. Hustler Serial Board
Creative Solutions, Inc. NuBus Hurdler Protyping Board
Fishcamp Engineering FPCI-DIO
Fishcamp Engineering NBS-D1048
Fishcamp Engineering NBS-D1096
Fishcamp Engineering NBS-GPIB
FORE Systems, Inc. ForeRunner NBA-200 Nu Bus ATM Adapter
FORE Systems, Inc. ForeRunner PCA-200EMAC PCI Bus ATM Adapter Global
Village Communications GlobalFax Cover Sheets
Global Village Communications GlobalFax OCR
Global Village Communications GlobalFax
Global Village Communications One World Combo
Global Village Communications OneWorld Fax
Global Village Communications OneWorld Network Modem
Harmonix, Ltd. Hi-Card/m15
Harmonix, Ltd. Hi-Card/m30
Harmonix, Ltd. Hi-Card/m8
Harmonix, Ltd. Hi-Card/P15
Harmonix, Ltd. Hi-Card/P30
Harmonix, Ltd. Hi-Card/P8
Integrated Micro Solutions Twin Turbo-128M
Integrated Micro Solutions Twin Turbo-M2
Integrated Micro Solutions Twin Turbo-M8
Lifetime Memory Products, Inc. Macintosh memory
MicroNet Technology, Inc. Digital Video Disk Arrays
MicroNet Technology, Inc. MicroNet Array2000J
MicroNet Technology, Inc. MicroNet DataDock Express
MicroNet Technology, Inc. MicroNet Internal Advantage Jaz 1000
Reply Corporation DOS on Mac Card
Reply Corporation DOS on Mac for PCI
Reply Corporation DOS on Mac Network Pac
Reply Corporation DOS on Power Mac Card
Spectra Systems Corporation PowerLink PCI
Spectra Systems Corporation Spectra NSF
Synergy Software VersaTerm
Synergy Software VersaTerm-PRO

Home Learning (30):
Developer Product
Connectix Quick Cards
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Monet
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Apprentice
Diamante Software, Inc. HomeStuff Personal Inventory Manager
Dragon Electronics MakeItGrow!
HyperMac Software BSA Troop Tracker
HyperMac Software World Miles
Ideaform Bird Brain
Quantum Leap Technologies Aesopolis
Rodus International Corporation CDmatica
Rodus International Corporation Photomatica
Route 66 Route 66
Sienna Software Starry Night - a space and sky simulator
Square Dance Action Square Dance Animation S/W for Dancers & Callers
Street Logic Software Wall Street Quest
The Voyager Company All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis
The Voyager Company Comic Book Confidential
The Voyager Company Complete Peter Leroy
The Voyager Company First Person: Marvin Minsky
The Voyager Company First Person: Steven Jay Gould
The Voyager Company First Person: Donald Norman
The Voyager Company If Monks Had Macs
The Voyager Company New Voices/New Visions 1994
The Voyager Company Puppet Motel
The Voyager Company Salt of the Earth
The Voyager Company Shining Flower
The Voyager Company Sound Toy
The Voyager Company Truths and Fictions
The Voyager Company Who Built America

Internet (25):
Developer Product
Abbott Systems, Inc. Surfboard
Adobe Systems, Inc. PageMill
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe SiteMill
AG Group NetMeter
Aladdin Systems, Inc. SITcomm
Astrobyte LLC BeyondPress
Bradley S. Pliner Quitter
CE Software WebArranger
Internet (continued)
Developer Product
CircleDream Software InternetMemory
Darald Trinka VideoMail Pro
Eastgate Systems, Inc. Eastgate Web Squirrel
Interactive Media Corporation Special Delivery - web helper app.
Maxum Development Corporation NetCloak
Maxum Development Corporation NetForms
Maxum Development Corporation PageSentry
Maxum Development Corporation RushHour
Maxum Development Corporation WebLock
MDG Computer Services Web Server 4D
Pacific Coast Software SiteCheck
Pacific Coast Software SiteEdit
Pacific Coast Software WebCatalog
Parasoft, TX MacWebCam
Quarterdeck WebSTAR SSL
Quarterdeck WebSTAR
Ronald P. Vullo, Ph.D. Traci (Temporally Real Automatic Chat for the

Multimedia (49):
Developer Product
Artel Software, Inc. Boris Effects-3D Effects for Media 100, Premiere
Atlas Software AMI Tool
Caliban Mindwear HyperGASP
Gryphon Software Gryphon Dynamic Effects
InkWell Software, Inc. FilmMagic Pro
Interactive Solutions, Inc. MovieWorks
McQ Productions/Software Systems InFielder
McQ Productions/Software Systems Mac Video Titler
McQ Productions/Software Systems MacAnimator Plug-In
McQ Productions/Software Systems MacAnimator Pro
McQ Productions/Software Systems OutFielder
MDG Computer Services QM Log Translator
Men & Mice QucikDNS Lite
Men & Mice QucikDNS Pro
MetaTools, Inc. KPT Bryce
MetaTools, Inc. KPT Vector Effects
mFactory mTropolis
Microspot USA, Inc. 3D World
Microspot USA, Inc. PhotoFix
Multimedia (continued)
Developer Product
Microspot USA, Inc. MacInteriors
Onyx Computing Tree EIAS
Onyx Computing Tree Professional
Onyx Computing TreePainter
PowerProduction Software Digital Box Office
QuickMedia Labs, Inc. Living Album/Web
Radius, Inc. QuickFLIX!
Radius, Inc. Radius Edit
Radius, Inc. Telecast
Radius, Inc. VideoFusion
Radius, Inc. VideoVision-PCI
Radius, Inc. VideoVision Studio
Specular, Int'l Infini-D
Specular, Int'l LogoMotion
Strata, Inc. MediaForge
Strata, Inc. 3DXT
Strata, Inc. Fractal Terrain
Strata, Inc. Instant Replay
Strata, Inc. Strata MediaPaint
Strata, Inc. StrataClip 3d Libraries
Strata, Inc. StrataType 3d
Strata, Inc. StudioPro
Strata, Inc. StudioPro Blitz plus
Strata, Inc. Virtual 3D
Strata, Inc. Vision 3D
Terran Interactive Movie Cleaner Pro
The VALIS Group MetaFlo'
The VALIS Group MovieFlo'
The VALIS Group PixelPutty Solo

Music (12):
Developer Product
Ars Nova A Little Kidmusic
Ars Nova Practica Musica 3
Ars Nova Songworks
Binari Sonori srl Sound SuperEdit
Gefen Systems CDJ Pro Music Management Software
Gefen Systems M&E Professional
Gefen Systems Touch The Music
Gefen Systems TSE & ADB Monitor and Keyboard Extenders
Music (continued)
Developer Product
Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer
Mark of the Unicorn Mosaic
Mark of the Unicorn Performer

Networking (61):
Developer Product
4-Sight International Ltd. 4-Sight AutoPS
4-Sight International Ltd. 4-Sight Hotspools
4-Sight International Ltd. 4-Sight OPi
ACI US, Inc. 4D Enterprise
Atemi Corporation NetShade
CharisMac Anubis RAID Utility
Cypress Research Corporation MegaDial
Cypress Research Corporation FaxPro II
Cypress Research Corporation MegaPhone
Farallon Computing, Inc. Fast Starlet 100TX/8 hub and 10/100 Bridge
GDT Softworks, Inc. PowerNexus
GDT Softworks, Inc. PowerPlot
GDT Softworks, Inc. PowerPrint
GDT Softworks, Inc. PowerPrint/LT
Hi Resolution Limited MacAdministrator
Hi Resolution Limited WatchIt!
Hi Resolution Limited MacPrefect
Information Presentation Technologies LessTalk
JABRA Jabra for Macintosh EPS 1300
James Associates MacGPS Pro
Mesa Graphics Mesa Graphics Plotter Utility
Mesa Graphics TextTerm+Graphics
Neon Software CallTheCalvary
Neon Software LANsurveyor
Neon Software NetMinder Ethernet
Neon Software NetMinder LocalTalk
Neon Software OTTool
Neon Software RouterCheck
Neon Software RouterImitator
Neon Software TrafficWatch II
Quarterdeck Mail*Link Gateways
Quarterdeck Quarterdeck Mail
Quarterdeck ListStar
Networking (continued)
Developer Product
RUN, Inc. Runshare
Stalker LineShare
Stalker PortShare Pro
Stalker SCSIShare
Stalker CommuniGate
Summit Productions CallerID Remote
Synergy Software VersaTilities
Tandem Computers, Inc. MacOffender
Tenon Intersystems, Inc. Mach Ten
Tenon Intersystems, Inc. Professional Mach Ten
The AG Group EtherPeek
The AG Group LocalPeek
The AG Group NetWatchman
The AG Group Nok Nok A/S
The AG Group NokNok
The AG Group Satellite
The AG Group SilverCloud
The AG Group Skyline
The AG Group TokenPeek
Total Integration ColorMatrix
Total Integration Epilogue
Total Integration FASTedit/Deluxe
Total Integration FASTedit/IVUE
Total Integration Handshake/LW
Total Integration IRIS/CT
WATNET Technologies, Inc. Waterloo MacJANET
Wave Research Filewave

Professional Fields (4):
Developer Product
Atlas Software (Graphisoft) Drill
A & E Information Systems Med Easy: Medical Clinic Information System
De Novo Systems, Inc. Legal Case Manager
De Novo Systems, Inc. Trial De Novo

Programing Tools (24):
Developer Product
Absoft Absoft C/C++ SDK for Mac
Adianta The Memory Mine
Bowers Development AppMaker
Programing Tools (continued)
Developer Product
BrainScan Software BrainHex
Creative Solutions, Inc. Power MacForth Programming
Helix Technology Helix Express
Magnum Software Corporation TFLX Condo/Turnkey
Magnum Software Corporation TFLX Condo/App Creator
Magnum Software Corporation TFLX Special Edition/App Creator
Magnum Software Corporation TFLX Special Edition/Turnkey
Mainstay VIP-BASIC
Mainstay VIP-C
Metrowerks Corporation CodeManager
Metrowerks Corporation CodeWarrior Academic
Metrowerks Corporation CodeWarrior Bronze 8
Metrowerks Corporation CodeWarrior Gold 8
Metrowerks Corporation Discover Programming for Macintosh
Natural Intelligence, Inc. Roaster
Onyx Technology QC(TM)
Rick Z Shepard RZS ResBook volume 1 & 2
Software Designs Unlimited FaceSpan
Water's Edge Software SuperCDEFs
Water's Edge Software Tools Plus

Publishing/Graphics (121):
Developer Product
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. ItemMaster
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. LineWorker
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. MarkIt
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. PlateMaker
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. ShadowCaster
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. XPert Tools Vol. 1
A Lowly Apprentice Production, Inc. XPert Tools Vol. 2
Abbott Systems, Inc. Cheshire
Adept Solutions PerfectTemplate
Adept Solutions PickUpSpot
Adept Solutions SpeedyProof
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Paint & Publish
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe PrePrint Pro
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe ScreenReady
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Virtual Network
Adobe Systems, Inc. Aldus Home Publisher
Publishing/Graphics (continued)
Developer Product
Adobe Systems, Inc. Aldus PressWise
Adobe Systems, Inc. Aldus SuperPaint
Adobe Systems, Inc. Aldus Trapmaker Addition For Pagemaker
Adobe Systems, Inc. Art Explorer
Adobe Systems, Inc. Dimensions
Adobe Systems, Inc. IntelliDraw
Adobe Systems, Inc. PageMill
Adobe Systems, Inc. PhotoDeluxe
Adobe Systems, Inc. OPEN
Adobe Systems, Inc. TrapWise
Adobe Systems, Inc. TextureMaker
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe. After Effects
Alias Research Sketch
Amusematte Image Compositing Software
Astrobyte LLC CDExtract
Astrobyte LLC HeaderText
B & E Software RagTime
Bare Bones Software, Inc. BBEdit Lite
Bare Bones Software, Inc. BBEdit
Baseview Products Archiver
Baseview Products ClassFlow
Baseview Products DragX
Baseview Products GalleyFlow
Baseview Products QSpool
Baseview Products QTools
Baseview Products QXEdit
Baseview Products StyleSheet Admin IQue
Baseview Products StyleSheet XTension
Baseview Products TransTags
Candela, Ltd ColorSynergy
Canto Software, Inc. Cirrus Powepro
Canto Software, Inc. Cumulus Desktop Image Database
Canto Software, Inc. Cumulus Network Image Database
Cherwell Scientific DIMPLE
Color Solutions, Inc. ColorBlind Batch
Color Solutions, Inc. ColorBlind ICC Print
Color Solutions, Inc. ColorBlind Plug-ins
Color Solutions, Inc. ColorBlind Spot
Color Solutions, Inc. ColorBlind System
ColorExpert, Inc. ColorCourse/Photography
Publishing/Graphics (continued)
Developer Product
ColorExpert, Inc ColorExpert
ColorExpert, Inc. ColorCourse/Illustration
ColorExpert, Inc. ColorCourse/Imagesetting
Cordant Imaging Systems Portable Safekeep.
Delta Tao Software, Inc. Color Mac Cheese
Deneba Deneba artWORKS
Deneba UltraPaint
Diehl Graphsoft Azimuth
DS Design Colorize
Durrant Software Ltd. Combs
Durrant Software Ltd. Page Shadow
Electronic Imaging Systems ColorQuick
Electronic Imaging Systems ColorQuick Rip
Equilibrium DeBabelizer Toolbox
Extensis Corporation DrawTools
Extensis Corporation Intellihance
Extensis Corporation PageTools
Extensis Corporation QX-Tools
FirstClass NV Tailor for Macintosh
GDT Softworks, Inc. StyleScript
GDT Softworks, Inc. PowerPrint/GX
Light Source Colorton
Light Source Colortron II
Live Picture, Inc. Live Picture
Macromedia, Inc. xRes
NPath Software TextLinker
Olduvai Corporation Graphics Essentials CD-ROM
Olduvai Corporation Read-It! O.C.R.
ORKIS ImageBase-Pro
Pantone, Inc. Pantone ColorDrive
Peirce Software DeskPicture
Peirce Software Peirce Print Tools
Peirce Software ShareDraw
Peirce Software Smoothie
Praxisoft, Inc. Color Compass
Praxisoft, Inc. Spot Separator
Scitex Digital Video DigiSphere
Scitex Digital Video MicroSphere
Scitex Digital Video StrataSphere
Scitex Digital Video VideoSphere
Publishing/Graphics (continued)
Developer Product
Scitex Digital, Inc. TurboCube
Scitex Digital, Inc. VideoCube
Second Glance Software PhotoSpot
Second Glance Software ScanTastic
Second Glance Software Chromassage
Second Glance Software Clone
Second Glance Software e%Paper
Second Glance Software INTERSCAPES
Second Glance Software LaserSepsPro
Snow Development Group Atlantis Data Publisher
Specular, Int'l Specular Collage
Specular, Int'l TextureScape
Strata Inc. SecretsClip 3d
SYNEX Label Press
Taylor Electronics PICT to Gerber
Toothpick Software Scan!Plot
Toothpick Software Scan!Plot Lite
Toothpick Software CutXtra
Toothpick Software CutXtra Lite
Toothpick Software ExtraPlugs
Toothpick Software PlugOne
Toothpick Software RemoteScan
Virginia Systems, Inc. Sonar Image
VISU Technologies CoCo
VISU Technologies ICISS
VISU Technologies MC/P CoCo

Technical/Scientific/Engineering (70):
Developer Product
Abacus Concepts, Inc. SuperANOVA
Abacus Concepts, Inc. StatView
Absoft Corporation IMSL FORTRAN Math & Stat Libraries
Advanced Logging Tech Uni-Log
Artifice, Inc. DesignWorkshop
Avenza Software, Inc. MAPublisher
Avian Systems, Inc. GAIA
Avian Systems, Inc. FullPixelSearch
Brett Bode, Graduate Student MacMolPlt
Byte by Byte Corporation Sculpt 3D
Cherwell Scientific proFit
Technical/Scientific/Engineering (continued)
Developer Product
Comgrafix MapGrafix Mapping System
Creative Engineering Australia Pty Ltd MacRoad
Crystal Structure Design AS CrystalDesigner
Cyberian Software BaseMap
Data Description, Inc. Data Desk
Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. Blueprint
Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. MiniCad
Engineered Software Advanced Engineering Tools
Engineered Software PowerCADD
Engineered Software PowerDraw
Engineered Software PowerDraw Translator Externals
Engineered Software Professional Layer Manager
Engineered Software WildTools
GeoQuery GeoQuery
Graphic Magic ACCRule
Graphic Magic Digits
Graphic Magic FullPlot
Graphic Magic HULLSpeed
Graphic Magic HydroLink
Graphic Magic PreFit
Graphic Magic SPAN
Graphic Magic Hydromax
Graphic Magic Maxsurf
Graphic Magic Multiframe 2D
Graphic Magic Multiframe 3D
Graphic Magic Multiframe 4D
Graphic Magic Section Maker
Graphic Magic Steel Designer
Graphic Magic Workshop
Gryphon Software Batch It!
IBVA Technologies Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA)
Interstudio S.r.l. Digicad 3D
Interstudio S.r.l. Domus.WALL
Interstudio S.r.l. Geo-Tec A
Interstudio S.r.l. Geo-Tec B
Interstudio S.r.l. Geo-Tec C
Interstudio S.r.l. Geo-Tec D
Interstudio S.r.l. Maccarpent
Interstudio S.r.l. Nonio A
Interstudio S.r.l. Section View
Technical/Scientific/Engineering (continued)
Developer Product
Interstudio S.r.l. Tabulae.Domus
Interstudio S.r.l. Termotec
Interstudio S.r.l. Domus.Cad
Interstudio S.r.l. Nonio C
Mandli Communications, Inc. Mandli Roadview=AE Measurement Tool
Mandli Communications, Inc. RoadView VICS Digilog
PAX Analytics, Inc. ACCESS(TM) Environmental Monitoring System
PAX Analytics, Inc. Interactive Glossary of the Environment
Rubi, Inc. HemaTool
Signal Analytics IPLAB GEL
Signal Analytics IPLAB SPECTRUM
Signal Analytics PRISM
Solltech, Inc. DENDRON
Tecmag, Inc. MacFID
Tecmag, Inc. MacNMR
TellSoft Macrocosm
ThinkSpace, Inc. Map*Factory A Raster GIS for Mac
WillStein Software, Inc. GC WorkMate
WillStein Software, Inc. GC/MS Reader

Utilities (89):
Developer Product
Abbott Systems, Inc. Calc+
Abbott Systems, Inc. Find All
Abbott Systems, Inc. CanOpener
Abbott Systems, Inc. RescueTXT
Adobe Systems, Inc. Aldus Print Central
Adobe Systems, Inc. PageMaker CheckList
AGD Studio Scan Express Calculator
AGD Studio Scan Express Sharpener
Aladdin Systems, Inc. Desktop Tools
Aladdin Systems, Inc. StuffIt Deluxe
Aladdin Systems, Inc. Stufflt Lite
Aladdin Systems, Inc. Stufflt SpaceSaver
Alsoft, Inc. DiskExpress II
Alsoft, Inc. MasterJuggler
Alsoft, Inc. Power Utilities
Aurbach & Associates Data Mover
Ballard Synergy dTime
BCDL Sans-Faute/Grammaire
Utilities (continued)
Developer Product
BDW Software Digital Ditto
BDW Software Mac Control
BDW Software Remote Control for Macs
Beale Street Group Exposure Pro
Beale Street Group GameCheater
Beale Street Group Screenshot
Binary Software, Inc. Square One
Brookline Software PrinterSwitch
Brookline Software SerialSpeed 230
Casady & Greene Conflict Catcher
Casady & Greene Conflict Catcher II
CharisMac Anubis Power Control
CharisMac CD Auto Cache v
CharisMac CharisMac Professional Storage Suite
CharisMac Discribe CD Mastering Software
Connectix Maxima
Connectix Powerbook Utilities
Connectix Speed Doubler
Connectix Virtual
Connectix Video Phone
Cordant GigaSearch
Dantz Development Corporation DiskFit Direct
Dantz Development Corporation Retrospect
Dantz Development Corporation Retrospect Remote
Delta Tao Software Polly MacBeep
Dubl-Click ClickChange
Dubl-Click Icon Mania
Dubl-Click MenuFonts
Equilibrium Debabelizer Lite
Focus Enhancements Redux Deluxe
GDT Softworks Incorporated PrintExtras
guideWorks, LLC guideWorks Translator
Inedit Software S.L. CottonPrint 4
Inedit Software S.L. QuickBar
Jump Development Optimem RAM Charger
Leader Technologies Inc. PowerMerge
Mainstay Captivate
Mainstay MarcoPolo
Mainstay MarkUp
Mefco, Inc. Matthco I bar coding software
Utilities (continued)
Developer Product
Michael L. Weasner ExAminer
Micromat Computer Systems Drivetech
Micromat Computer Systems MacEKG 3
Micromat Computer Systems MicroProbe ADB
Micromat Computer Systems MicroProbe PowerCheck
MicroMat Computer Systems PhoneMaker FRS
MicroMat Computer Systems TechTool Pro
MicroNet MicroNet Raven Pro
Natural Intelligence, Inc. DragStrip
NSC Software Construction ScreenLight, for Power Macintosh
Olduvai Corporation Icon It! Pro
Olduvai Corporation MultiClip PRO
Quantum Leap Technologies CD-7
Quantum Leap Technologies Screenamania
Ray Dream, Inc. Jag II
Spectra Systems Ditto
StepUp Software Guide Composer
Sydney Urshan Music KeyDisk TERMINATOR(TM)
Synex MacEnvelope
Synex Macenvelope Professional
Synex MacPhonebook
Trilobyte Software MasterFinder
Trilobyte Software PowerBar Pro
usrEZ Software Camouflage
usrEZ Software ultraSHIELD International
usrEZ Software cypherPAD
usrEZ Software ultraCOMMAND
usrEZ Software ultraSECURE
usrEZ Software ultraSHIELD
Vitale Software Group Research Assistant
Vitale Software Group theDirectory

Vertical Markets (24):
Developer Product
Antares Alliance Group Process Vision
Atlas Software ENAS
Atlas Software Optipoint
Atlas Software bv Vision
Baseview Products, Inc. ClassManager Pro
Baseview Products, Inc. IQue Server
Vertical Markets (continued)
Developer Product
Baseview Products, Inc. NewsEdit Pro
Baseview Products, Inc. NewsEdit Pro IQue
Baseview Products, Inc. WireManager
Cigraph S.r.1 cumTerra
Houlberg Development Retail Engine
IMAGIC SymbolPlacer
IMAGIC TV Weather Graphics System
MacEssentials AccountMaster Chiropractic
MacEssentials AccountMaster Dental Laboratory
MacFour Applications Traffic
MacInn by Eliot Software
Navis Corportion PowerStow - Strategic Storage Coor. for Shipping Lines
Navis Corportion SPARCS - planning & control of container terminals
nth degree software Proteus
SofTeam s.a.s. MacSign
SofTeam s.a.s. Punto
Street Logic Software ScriptMaster XT
True North, Inc. Aimpoint

Word Processor (9):
Developer Product
Abbott Systems, Inc. Scorpio
Akimbo Systems FullWrite
Deneba The BigThesaurus
Olduvai Magic Typist
Symmetry Software Corporation Acta 7
Symmetry Software Corporation Acta Word J
Trans-Tex Software Tex-Edit Plus
Working Software Spellswell 7
WorldSoft Corporation WorldWrite

Other (22):
Developer Product
Abbott Systems, Inc. Kaleidoscope
Avian Systems Diversidad
Avian Systems Fire Tower
B.U.G., Inc. PerMan Note
Bare Bones Software Drop*PS
CTM Development SA CTM Powermail
EveryWare Development Bolero
Other (continued)
Developer Product
Guy Fullerton HoverBar
John V. Holder ScrapIt Pro
Mainstay MacFlow
Maui Software TimeSlice
Neptune Systems AlarmBook
Pacific Coast Software PhotoMill
Semicolon Software SignatureQuote
Semicolon Software The Tilery
Trans-Tex Software Azile
Trans-Tex Software Eliza
Trans-Tex Software Re-Pete
Trilobyte Software ARACommander
Type & Graphics Pty Limited Encryplet
Type & Graphics Pty Limited MacPGP Control