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Macromedia Makes Three Announcements


Macromedia Director Shocks the Web With New Internet Xtras

Macromedia, Inc. announced new Internet capabilities for Director enabled by third-party Xtras. Multimedia and Web professionals using Director can now develop hybrid Web/CD applications, create multi-user environments, display any file type registered to be handled by an ActiveX control from within Director, and embed HTML pages within Shockwave movies. Millions of Shockwave users will now be able to enjoy the benefits of extended multimedia functionality on the Web, created by the over 350,000 Director developers worldwide.

Shockwave Live With George Clinton

Macromedia, Capitol Records, Telos Systems and George Clinton, "the Godfather of Funk" are teaming up for an audio cybercast "Live From the Mothership" on November 21, 7:15 pm PST, at Websurfers who need Shockwave can quickly download it at prior to the concert.

"George Clinton, Live From the Mothership" celebrates the new live audio capabilities of Shockwave. Macromedia Shockwave, the standard for multimedia on the Internet, now combines with Telos Systems' Audioactive', the highest quality live audio on the Web, to bring users a single, free plug-in for experiencing the Web's most dynamic content. Now, with just the Shockwave plug-in, cybersurfers can listen to George and the P-Funk All Stars, check out art and animation from original P-Funk illustrators Overton Loyd and Pedro Bell, read biographical information about the funkiest man on the planet, and buy Clinton's new album online from Capitol Records.

The Palace and Macromedia Shockwave Team Up At COMDEX

At a press conference at COMDEX today, company officials for The Palace, Inc., announced that the leading virtual world chat software for the World Wide Web, The Palace, will be the first of its kind to support Macromedia Director and Shockwave. This makes it possible to combine the popular Internet world of The Palace with multimedia capabilities unparalleled in any other virtual world. Macromedia Director enables Palace developers to easily author new online multimedia applications with lively animation, graphics and sounds for multi-player games, music videos and others. Using Shockwave, Palace users will be able to access and fully experience these applications from within the user-friendly Palace environment.


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