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Macromedia And ATI Team Up To Offer Complete 3D Graphics Solution For Under $300


Macromedia, Inc. and ATI Technologies, Inc., announced a strategic partnership to offer a complete next-generation hardware and software solution for the desktop. Macromedia's Extreme 3D version 2 will be bundled with ATI Technologies' 3D PRO TURBO PC2TV, providing 3D developers with a complete 3D solution at a highly competitive price with workstation-class performance.

The combination of Extreme 3D and 3D PRO TURBO PC2TV sets new standards for raw speed and power, allowing for two to four times more texture detail in 3D resolution up to 1600x1200. Extreme 3D users will benefit from 3D PRO TURBO PC2TV's full-screen, full-motion TV-quality video and capacity for nearly 17 million colors.

"We view ATI Technologies as a leader in providing award-winning multimedia and 3D acceleration solutions for personal computers," said Rix Kramlich, Extreme 3D product manager at Macromedia. "Our strategic alliance with ATI Technologies will provide users with a highly optimized 3D production solution for modeling, animation, rendering and VRML creations."

3D PRO TURBO PC2TV provides the basis for introducing 3D into design work, incorporating video into presentations and maximizing 3D design and game software. Business presentations, production demonstrations and games can all be shown conveniently and effectively on large-screen TVs in crisp, flicker-free graphics displays.

November 1996, Macromedia Extreme 3D version 2 will be bundled with ATI Technologies 3D PRO TURBO PC2TV for an estimated street price of US $299 for 4MB configuration and US $399 for 8 MB configuration.


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