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MacShow Radio Show Saturday 7/27


Here's what's happening on The Mac Show this Saturday July 27th.

Stephanie Dorris of Exponential Technology, Inc. is scheduled join us. Exponential, a company funded in part by Apple, is developing a 500MHz PPC clone chip. The chip is scheduled to ship in early 1997!


MapQuest will be on The Mac Show to talk about their interactive atlas on the web that will look up any address in the US and allow you to "drill down" to street level. Another component of MapQuest is TripQuest. TQ will print detailed directions from point A to point B, anywhere in the US.

Apple Fellow and Mac Evangelist Guy Kawasaki will talk about the paperback release of his book (A must read) "How To Drive Your Competition Crazy". Guy will be in St. Louis at Library Ltd. on July 31st.

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