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AppleScript Now Supported by MacToPic Plus


Carnation Software, Inc has added AppleScript support in version 8.0 of its high-end MacToPic Plus program. AppleScript is a powerful and versatile application program included in Mac O/S v. 7.0 or later. It enables a user to write a script of particular functions, which the computer can then repeat automatically.

Company president Rich Love explains, "For example, an easy-to-write AppleScript can get data from the host computer, launch another application, and load the data into that application -- all with a single click of the mouse. To further assist the end user, we've included many sample scripts with this new version of MacToPic Plus. Consultants and IS managers will especially appreciate this new capability to customize scripts for their users. Our program was already a great device enabling a Mac to access and utilize data in a variety of ways, but with AppleScript these activities are even more automated, fast and simple. Adding AppleScript support required extensive programming due to its multiple functionality, but it's well worth the effort considering how much added value the customer receives."

With its support for QuickTime, Apple Events, CommToolBox, and now AppleScript, MacToPic Plus provides integration of the unique capabilities of the Macintosh system with host computers. And since it also supports TCP/IP and Open Transport, MacToPic Plus enables the Macintosh to naturally merge with LANs or WANs, including Ethernet, Windows NT, etc.

Whether an SE, a PowerBook or a PowerMac, MacToPic Plus enables Macs to communicate with host computers, such as IBM, Compaq, Sequoia, Data General, Sun, DEC, HP, etc. The most popular terminals are emulated: ADDS Viewpoint, Wyse 50/60, DEC VT101, and McDonnell Douglas Prism. Full-featured, two-way data transfer capabilities are designed specifically for relational database hosts running UNIX, PICK, Advanced PICK, uniVerse, UniData, and System Builder.


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