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Mac Vendor Links Available Via ftp or CD


Wisdom Quest Multimedia has updated their "Mac Vendor Links" page with all submissions received from Mac Evangelists. We are now ready to create a Sonar "Mac Products" catalog that will be posted on our ftp site and added to our eLibrary 96 CD.

The catalog will allow potential customers to browse, search and compare Macintosh products using the Sonar search engine. When they find a product they are interested in they can use our Quick Vendor Links page to visit the vendors web site for current purchasing information.

If you would like your products included in this catalog send a file formated to the following specifications:

File format: MS Word Version 5.1 (not fast saved) Total File size: 200 kilobytes including text and images One file for each product. File name: "Product-Web Site Name" example: (eLibrary 96 CDROM-Wisdom Quest) You can download a sample catalog item file.


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