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MailArchiver Email Searching and Filing Easier, Download trial


Blue World Communications, Inc. officially announced the recent release of MailArchiver, the new mass email management solution. MailArchiver automatically archives email into a Claris FileMaker Pro database for quick retrieval and permanent storage.

MailArchiver works with email saved to disk from applications such as Claris Emailer, Qualcomm's Eudora, Quarterdeck's ListSTAR, the Apple Internet Mail Server, and any other program that saves mail to disk in the RFC 822 format.

The MailArchiver software quickly and easily archives all email stored in designated folders on a Macintosh computer, or on folders over a Local Area Network. Multiple source folders may be selected, any of which can be routed to individual FileMaker Pro databases (based upon a supplied template).

MailArchiver is very easy to configure. Users simply launch the program, select a source folder, enter the name of the target database where messages should go, set the frequency, and click the "save" button.

Archiving is fully automatic. Once the email folder locations and archive databases are linked, MailArchiver works transparently in the background, archiving email as often as desired.

MailArchiver provides attractive templates for managing email. Users can easily search, sort, delete, and tag email. Built-in scripts allow sorting by message thread, making it easy to track related messages.

What's more, users can provide searchable archives of their email using MailArchiver and the freely distributed Lasso Lite. A template is already provided for getting searchable archives on the Web instantaneously.

Key benefits of archiving email with MailArchiver include the following:

- Rapid searching on thousands of pieces of email facilitates quick retrieval of important correspondence

- Ideal creating searchable archives of email discussion forums

- Enable multiple users in a workgroup to access public email in a shared network database. For example, with MailArchiver, one can centralize all email designated for a particular email address (i.e. <> or <> and make it available to multiple users in designated departments

- Web-enable email to permit multi-platform workgroup access from anywhere on the World Wide Web

- Dramatically reduce the amount of disk space required to store email

- Link email databases together with other databases for better information management

Users are encouraged to download a free run-limited demo copy of MailArchiver and enjoy the immediate benefits of simplified, organized email management.

The demo can be downloaded .

MailArchiver is available direct from Blue World Communications, Inc. as an electronically distributed version costing $79. MailArchiver will soon be available through resellers worldwide as a full shrink-wrapped product at a suggested retail price of $119.


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