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Mainstay Ships CaptivateR 4.6 Implements Auto-Capture


Mainstay began shipping Captivate 4.6, an upgrade to their collection of graphics utilities for Macintosh screen capture, graphics viewing, and multimedia storage. Captivate 4.6 now gives users the ability to automatically capture the current active window, and the ability to capture the cursor on Power Macs running System 7.5.2 and later.

Captivate 4.6 allows users to capture the current active window. The new active window capture command saves users post-capture clean up time and trouble. Captivate still maintains the ability to manually select anything using the marquee tool, as well as the ability to capture the entire monitor and multiple monitors. Additional modifications made to Captivate now allow screen captures that include the cursor while running a Power Macintosh using MacOS 7.5.2 and later.

"The most requested new feature by our customers has now been added to Captivate," says Mainstay Sales & Marketing Manager, Lance Merker. "Captivate Select grabs the top window with surgical precision. Our customers, who have counted on us for years to make screen captures reliable, will be glad we took the time to do this right!"

Captivate includes three utilities: Captivate Select, Captivate View, and Captivate Store. Captivate Select is the next generation of Mainstay's bestselling professional screen capture utility, originally released as a product named "Capture" in 1988. Captivate Select can save any image displayed on any Macintosh screen directly to the Clipboard or Scrapbook, or as a PICT, TIFF 4.0, TIFF 5.0, GIF, or MacPaint file. Captivate View is a graphics utility for viewing, scaling, cropping, printing, and converting graphics file formats. Captivate Store is a multimedia scrapbook and organizer, with the ability to store and retrieve graphics, text, sounds, and QuickTime movies.

Captivate 4.6 is currently available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $89.95. The price to upgrade to Captivate 4.6 from Captivate 4.5 is $20. The price to upgrade to Captivate 4.6 from any earlier version, or from any other Mainstay utility, is $35.


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