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Interplanetary Exploration Comes to the Desktop


Maris Multimedia, the creator of the top-selling, award-winning On-Line/Hybrid CD-ROM science title RedShift 2, today announced Solar System Explorer, the latest in a library of space science products.

"This is the definitive product on interplanetary flight and planetary sciences," said Jeneane Harter, Maris Multimedia vice president sales and marketing. "It was created by top scientists from leading institutions. Integrating a website built and maintained by seven astronomer-physicists doubles its credibility. No other product can speak with its authority."

Solar System Explorer was designed with editorial direction from Dr. Jay Pasachoff, Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy at Williams College, Director, Hopkins Observatory, and Incoming Chair, Astronomy Division, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Much of the data and information contained in the product was sourced from scientists and researchers from the JPL, National Optical Astronomy Observatories, NASA, Cornell University, Naval Research Laboratory, and Johns Hopkins University.

"Speaking with authority is one thing," continued Harter. "Interesting the consumer is another. Maris products try to capture the user by providing a do-and-learn, be-there environment."

Centered around a graphically rich, game-like, user interface, Solar System Explorer will prove engaging for the casual user while delivering more than enough content to delight the most knowledgeable space enthusiast. The user controls The Explorer, mankind's most advanced spacecraft. The mission: explore the planets. Plot a course in Navigation and monitor your progress from the Bridge. Launch probes to discover atmospheric conditions, surface features and weather conditions. Analyze planetary science, data, learning about seismology, volcanology, atmospherics and magnetospherics.

In addition to full color illustrations, animations, photographs and narratives, Solar System Explorer incorporates advanced celestial mechanics engines; 360 degree pan and zoom virtual reality simulations with in-scene animations; and working examples of the latest detailed orbital theories to provide users with the most realistic and scientifically accurate experience possible.

On-line capable users can receive up to date developments in the space sciences as well as further information on space related issues via the integrated Solar System Explorer website including the most up-to-date information on life on Mars.

With a street price of $45.95, Solar System Explorer, a hybrid CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh, is available now through all major U.S. software retailers and mass merchandisers.


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