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MAXLink Pro, Free Stack Software Bundled with Pipeline Products


Ascend Communications, Inc. announced that it will be the first remote networking equipment manufacturer to offer customers IP and IPX stack software bundled with customer premise routers. Copies of MAXLink Pro will ship free of charge with Ascend's Pipeline family of integrated ISDN, Frame Relay and leased line remote access routers.

Until now, vendors have either charged customers for enhanced tools, such as protocol stacks and remote access connection software or provided free software with only a limited subset of features. The MAXLink Pro software is a standards-based IntraNet and Internet applications suite that provides the most popular and useful applications for both remote access and LAN-based PCs. By offering MAXLink Pro with the Pipeline router as a complete solution, Ascend provides end-users the ability to dial into Ascend's or any third party vendor's central site server. End-users who do not have a Pipeline router can download the MAXLink Pro from Ascend's Web site, however the central site server must be an Ascend MAX.

MAXLink Pro is the first product as a result of the recently announced partnership between Ascend and NetManage, and includes a comprehensive PPP dialer from Funk Software.

The applications suite includes a Browser (WebSurfer), FTP client, FTP server, TFTP, Telnet, Ping, E-mail, News, Custom, IRC and LANstack. The software takes under five minutes to install and can be completely transparent to the end-user. Ascend's MaxLink Pro is available for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows/NT and Macintosh.

According to Bert Forbes, Pipeline product manager, "We are making remote access as seamless as possible for end-users, which means giving them feature-rich applications software. This will make networking easier and less expensive for our customers."


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