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Maxum Development Upgrades PageSentry


Maxum Development Corporation announced an upgrade to PageSentry™, the Internet server monitor which allows network administrators to maintain reliable sites on the Internet. In addition to Web site monitoring, the latest version, PageSentry 2.0, now provides monitoring for FTP, SMTP (e-mail), DNS, and Telnet services as well. PageSentry uses these high-level client services to test the whole server, not just the low-level networking functions.

"PageSentry 2.0 has been almost a complete rewrite of the earlier versions," says Michael Clark, Director of Engineering for Maxum Development. "We have tried to anticipate all possible concerns of the system administrator, including a more intuitive interface and tremendous flexibility in configuration."

Providing visitors with reliable seven days a week, 24 hours a day access to a Web site has become an Internet imperative. Keeping the server up and running is the Webmaster's top priority. When a server fails, PageSentry will notify the site administrator by e-mail or by using any AppleEvent-aware application, including AppleScript™applets. For example, PageSentry includes applications for sending alpha-numeric pages (using MarkSpace's PageNow! software, available direct from Maxum) or automatically restarting servers (using Sophisticated Circuit's PowerKey Pro™hardware, also available direct from Maxum). Schedules and warning delays can also be set to define what actions should be taken at different times of the day or days of the week. For example, PageSentry might send an e-mail or page during business hours, but automatically restart the server in the evening or on the week-end. PageSentry also monitors itself via a "pulse", which can also be sent to the site administrator. This ensures around-the-clock access to users.

"This new version greatly extends PageSentry's effectiveness", according to Joe Duffy, Manager -Technology and Tools, Baxter Healthcare. "Now I have a complete solution to monitoring all aspects of our global Web infrastructure".

Current license holders can upgrade by downloading the PageSentry 2.0 demonstration version from Maxum's Web site and dropping their PageSentry Key on the demo application.

PageSentry retails for $149.00

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