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Maxum Upgrades NetCloak 2.1 and WebLock 1.1


Maxum Development announced upgrades to two of its popular Web server tools, NetCloak®and WebLock™. The key feature of these new versions, NetCloak 2.1 and WebLock 1.1, is support for Quarterdeck's WebSTAR™Plug-In architecture. Both products now support the W*API™(WebSTAR Application Program Interface) and offer substantially improved performance over CGI (Common Gateway Interface) versions. Betas for both products have been available for downloading since the day of the W*API announcement. Also, both products now provide tighter integration and stability, and maintenance and configuration are easier than ever before.

"Maxum was the first commercial developer to announce support for the W*API standard and their results are awesome. NetCloak is the perfect example of a Web server add-on that can really take advantage of WebSTAR's plug-in architecture," said Chuck Shotton, who was responsible for development of the W*API at Quarterdeck. "The NetCloak plug-in is incredibly fast and integrates perfectly with the server as a whole."

NetCloak is the Web server add-on that makes Web sites dynamic by providing extensions to the HTML language. In addition to W*API support, NetCloak 2.1 also features improved support for back-end CGIs, making it easy for Webmasters to integrate NetCloak with other add-on tools. NetCloak 2.1 also incorporates several major new features, including several new commands, nested macros, a high-performance counter database, revised user-interface, and support for all standard MacHTTP 2.2 compliant Web servers. The NetCloak 2.1 update is free to all registered users of NetCloak, including those who bought NetCloak as part of Apple's Internet Server Solution 2.0.

WebLock is the security extension for Macintosh Web servers which allows Webmasters to control access to Web pages based on the file sharing privileges set in the Finder or with an AppleShare®File Server. WebLock's intelligent, easy to configure file caching allows Webmasters to use the WebSTAR plug-in to get substantially improved (25% or more) performance of their Mac-based Web .

Current license holders can upgrade by downloading the NetCloak 2.1 and WebLock 1.1 demonstration versions from Maxum's Web site and dropping their product key on the demo application. NetCloak and WebLock each retail for $195.00


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