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Shockwaved Cyber War Zone, Mercenaries On-line Game, Play MechWarrior 2 Now


Laser beams ready-LAST AWAY! Activision employed the talents of leading Web producer LightSpeed Media to create a techno battlefield to challenge online mercenaries everywhere. Using Macromedia's Shockwave technology, LightSpeed Media was able to create a fully interactive cyber war zone for the MechWarrior2: Mercenaries game.

The Web warrior must maneuver his trainer cockpit through the war-damaged landscape and destroy all BattleMechs-deadly mechanical robots-in sight. The BattleMechs can pop up anywhere within a 120 degree angle, striking quickly and stealthily upon any unsuspecting gunman. The small radar screen in the center of the cockpit control panel serves as the mercenary's only tool of defense to locate, target and vaporize the enemy.

Shockwave technology brings true arcade-style sound, action and animation to the Web, giving MechWarrior2 players a truly gripping experience. The cockpit swirls around to challenge approaching BattleMechs and laser beams lock-on and blast away targets instantaneously. If after two minutes of android bombardment the mercenary has sustained less than three hits, the mission is completed and he is deemed the victor.

"Our goal was to create an interactive, futuristic warrior game for the Web," said Scott Zakarin, CEO at LightSpeed Media. "With Macromedia's Shockwave technology, we were able to incorporate real life, dynamic laser-battle features in the MechWarrior2: Mercenaries Gunnery Ranger and bring a new level of interactivity to our online games."

LightSpeed Media used Director to create the content and Shockwave technology to enhance the site.

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