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Mecklermedia's Web Week Verifies Controlled Circulation


Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Mecklermedia Corporation announced that Web Week, the "Newspaper of Web Technology and Business Strategy," a controlled circulation biweekly, has completed its initial BPA audit.

Web Week is the first controlled circulation Web business publication to substantiate its circulation through the BPA audit bureau. "This is another first for Mecklermedia," said Meckler. "Web Week is the first BPA audit which verifies circulation to the corporate and business buyers of Web and Intranet technology. We fully support the audit process and BPA as a means to document our value to advertisers." The audit analyzed the January, February, and March 1996 issues of Web Week and reported an average qualified controlled circulation for the period of 57,264. This average exceeded Web Week's stated rate base for the period January-June of 50,000 by 15%. The March 1996 issue had a circulation of 63,543, which made it 27% over the period rate base.

"Advertisers are benefiting from both our stronger than projected circulation numbers and from our commitment to quality circulation," said Paul Bonington, Publisher. "We're achieving our circulation gains while maintaining the controlled circulation filters that ensure advertisers are reaching an audience of 100% Web-involved managers at the largest-spending Web sites. The fantastic growth of Web Week can be attributed to the enormous corporate interest in Web technologies for both Intranet and Web commerce applications, core components of Web Week's charter."

With the July 1996 issues Web Week has already surpassed 80,000 qualified controlled circulation according to the publisher's own figures. BPA will continue to verify Web Week's circulation through semi-annual statements. "When you're growing by thousands of subscribers monthly it's hard for BPA to keep up with semi-annual statement periods. What the initial BPA audit does for advertisers today is document Web Week's rate of growth, and the quality of our subscriber file. This will help advertisers buy our expanding circulation with confidence," added Paul Bonington. Web Week ad rates beginning with the July issues are $7,900 for a full page black and white, and $9,100 for a full page four-color.


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